Run Like The Wind

Last night I crawled in bed around 1am. In fact, should that be referred to as last night or this morning? Therefore, when my annoying Blackberry alarm went off this morning I had no desire to wake up. In fact, I felt like this:

The last thing I wanted to do was wake up and head to the gym. But, over the past three years I’ve learned many times that a quick workout is ALWAYS better for me than countless cups of coffee or tea. There is something about getting in that workout and getting the blood flowing that helps me get ready for the day.  What about you? Does a workout help you wakeup?
On days when I’m exhausted and dragging, I know that in order to get a truly effective workout I need to have a formal plan to follow and keep me motivated. Sometimes I’ll choose a spin class or other group class at Equinox but this morning I had the perfect workout in mind.
Monday night I was talking with one of my favorite healthy NYC ladies, Fit Chick In the City. Since she is the running goddess that she is and often sports the coveted RED bib of the NYRR, I thought she could help with some treadmill drill ideas. She was more than happy to help and sent me this awesome yet intimidating workout:
Fit Chick In The City’s Speed Workout
1 mile warm-up (easy pace)
1/2 mile at 7.0
1/4 mile recovery pace (probably same as warm-up)
1/2 mile at 7.5
1/4 mile recovery pace
1/2 mile at 7.7
1/4 mile at recovery pace
Cool Down
I altered a bit to look like this to meet my desired mileage and the speeds I thought would be challenging yet feasible. By the end of the 50 minutes I felt like I’d run like the wind through my workout and was a hot sweaty mess!
Ashley’s Speed Workout
1 mile warm-up 6.0
1/2 mile at 7.0
1/2 mile 6.0
1/2 mile at 7.2
1/2 mile 6.0
1/2 mile at 7.5
1/2 mile 6.0
1/4 mile 8.0
Cool Down: 10 minutes 4.0 at 4 incline

This came out to a 9:20 avg pace which is AMAZING for me! I loved this speed workout and it didn’t give me any chance of having a monotonous uninspired workout. If I had hopped on the eliptical an caught up on the latest People magazine I know I wouldn’t have put as much energy into the workout. If you’re goal is to break a sweat and challenge yourself I suggest this awesome workout!!

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