San Francisco Long Run


Good morning from cool but beautiful San Francisco!

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This morning I woke up 45 minutes later than planned, at 4:45, not knock out my long run.

I am proof that business travel doesn’t have to ruin your workout schedule!

Running in a new city, especially completing a long run, does take some extra planning. Before flying out to San Francisco, I referenced Google Maps and Twitter to find a perfect running route. I knew that I needed something relatively flat and that I wanted to see the San Francisco sights.

Luckily, multiple Twitter followers responded with suggested routes and tidbits of information.

In addition to figuring out a route, I also packed a few items that normally wouldn’t make it into my suitcase.

IMG_3820 (478x640)

  • Camelbak
  • Luna Bar to eat pre-run
  • A Gu packet
  • Garmin AND Garmin charger
  • Multiple layers since the weather is cool in San Francisco
  • Pepper Spray and a whistle for safety

IMG_3825 (478x640)

By 5am, I was out the door and ready for a slow and steady run. My goal was to keep my pace around a 10:30 today since I knew that 6 hours of travel yesterday and the time change had taken a toll on my body. I also decided early on to focus on the sights and sounds around me and actually ran without music for the first half of the run!

I captured some of the views so you could enjoy the sights of San Francisco’s Embarcadero and Ferry district. I only wish you could smell the fresh Sourdough Bread!

IMG_3824 (640x478)

IMG_3827 (640x478)

IMG_3828 (640x478)

IMG_3830 (640x478)

IMG_3832 (640x478)

IMG_3834 (640x478)

IMG_3835 (640x478)

IMG_3837 (640x478)

IMG_3838 (640x480)

IMG_3841 (640x478)

IMG_3842 (640x478)

IMG_3845 (640x478)IMG_3847 (640x478)

IMG_3849 (640x478)

IMG_3851 (640x480)

Oh wait, who’s that you ask? Well, the beauty of Twitter and the blog world is that Katherine and I figured out that we’re both out in San Francisco for work this week! Even though we only live a few blocks apart in NYC, we’d never met. It was the perfect way to get to know someone, power through the last few miles, and enjoy the sights. She joined me for the last 3-4 miles which really helped as my legs were growing tired after the hills around mile 6-7.

My final time today was 2:06 which came to a 10:24 pace. While it isn’t quite as fast as I’m hoping to get, it’s definitely a pace I’m proud of considering that I spent 6 hours on a plane yesterday, didn’t have the best pre long run dinner last night, and only slept a few hours! In addition, it was a great way to see San Francisco!

Question: What city do you dream of touring on foot? I really want to tour Italy via bike someday but I’d love to run through Paris in the Spring!

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  1. Jessica @ Healthy Dairyland August 11, 2011 / 3:19 pm

    So jealous you are in SF! I love that city!! I went for the first time this June, but I didn’t get the chance to go for a run. Looks like you had beautiful scenery this morning!

  2. Gia @ August 11, 2011 / 3:37 pm

    Oh I love that run so much!! What a beautiful way to start your day … and the BEST way to see a city. I’d love to run through greece. I have visions of running through quaint towns on cobblestone paths 🙂

  3. Gwen August 11, 2011 / 3:53 pm

    Way to go girl!

  4. Maria August 11, 2011 / 4:35 pm

    I just came back from SF and I definitely want to go back and spend more time. I just did a posting about running down The Magnificent Mile in Chicago at 5am. A completely different place at that time of the day. Good job on running while traveling for work.

  5. Caitlin August 11, 2011 / 5:05 pm

    Great run! Congrats on making it work while traveling. I just met someone last night who is running a marathon through Italy this fall and that’s definitely made its way onto my “must do” list!

  6. Kimra August 11, 2011 / 8:23 pm

    I really want to run in New York! I haven’t been there since I started running, and every time I see pictures of Central Park or river runs, I get a little jealous. I absolutely love getting to see cities on foot while running. Berlin’s my favorite, so far!

  7. Meghann August 11, 2011 / 8:37 pm

    I’ve done that same running route both times I was in San Francisco! Seeing your pictures make me want to go back right now! Have fun girl!

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