360 Degree Plank Workout

One way that I am always able to get rid of the blues that I talked about in yesterday’s post is a good, sweaty workout. This morning Lauren delivered just the type workout I needed before this weekend’s half: low weight, high repetition, lots of hip flexor work, and some killer ab series.

Are we done yet?

While I was holding my third plank of the day, I came up with this fun ab series to get your heart and abs excited on this Tuesday.

360° Plank Workout

1 min forearm plank

1 min right side plank

1 min left side plank

1 min bridge or inverted plank

Beginners: Do your best to hold each move as long as possible. 

Intermediate: Hold each for 1 minute and repeat 2 times through.

Advanced: Hold each for 1 minute and repeat 3 times through. 

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


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A Cure for the Mondays

So this week should be all sunshine and rainbows right? I have an awesome half marathon/girls weekend trip down to Washington, DC this weekend. The warm weather is causing the cherry blossoms to bloom early which means the course should be even better than last year. That’s hard to imagine based on the beautiful day Ali and I enjoyed in DC last year after the race.


I don't think I'll be wearing my cashmere coat this year!

IMG_1047 (640x478)

These tulips may have been my computer background until November!

But, instead of the sunshine and rainbows, this is actually a pretty tough week due to some work stuff taking place. Instead of focusing on the negative, I’m trying to keep myself busy with my last few workouts of the week, lots of friend time, and of course some healthy, balanced eating.

In case, you’re wondering, here’s my workout schedule for the week, leading up to this weekends PR. Like that positive thinking, eh?

Monday: 3.5 mile treadmill run + hip stretches+ foam rolling

Tuesday: AM Personal training session+ Refine Method in the evening

Wednesday: 30 minute run outside at goal pace

Thursday: Strala Yoga Relax class

Friday: 20 minute AM shakeout run

Saturday: DC Rock N Roll Half Marathon!!!!!

Tuesday through Friday this week I’m going to be focused on preparing my mind and body for Saturday’s race. This is something that I’ve failed to do very well historically for multiple reasons but this week I’m making a very concerted effort.

Food: Tuesday-Friday will be a week filled with clean eating, lots of water, daily vitamins, dried cherries, and increased fruit & vegetable intake

Sleep: My goal for Tuesday-Friday night is 7.5 hours of sleep

Mind: I’m reading this month’s Runners World for lots of motivation and happy running thoughts. I also think making this a mini girls weekend with many of my blogger and runner friends helps make the whole traveling for a race thing more fun and less stressful.

I say that everything is starting on Tuesday because let’s get real, this Monday wasn’t perfect. I let the stress get the best of me today which meant that there may have been some Diet Coke and one too many processed food in today’s meal plan. My dinner may or may not have consisted of “bar snacks” and two glasses of Pinot Noir with my awesome Junior League committee members.

What, this isn't the dinner of half marathon champions? This blog is about moderation after all.

Oh well, at least when the long day got the best of me I turned to a phone call with my mom and some quality time at the pet store. There are worst things in life and as Theodora told me yesterday, you can’t frown or feel sad when you’re looking at friendly, furry faces!

How can you resist these adorable faces?

I hope you all had a great Monday and are looking forward to an even better week!

Question: How do you cure the blues after a bad day? 




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