Green Giant Vegetable Challenge Recap

So, remember earlier this month when I told you about a little challenge I was participating in with Green Giant? Well that challenge has come and gone so now it’s time for me to share my thoughts and reflections.

1. Vegetables additions don’t have to be hard! I already eat a lot of vegetables on a daily basis so adding even more took some creativity. During the challenge, I did my best to mix up my salads to include more vegetables versus proteins, cheeses, and dried fruits. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t part ways with my beloved grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, or cheese, I just switched things up. It had been ages since I put broccoli, red peppers, or green beans in my salad! I really believe that bulking up my salad with more fibrous vegetables helped make it stay longer too! Keep in mind that raw veggies can add crunch to a salad just as much as that fun crispy noodle or crouton!


2. Get your soup spoons ready! These days, soups come in all shapes and sizes. You can find low sodium, low fat, high fiber, canned, fresh, and boxed soup in your local grocery store. In addition, you can find soups that have more than a serving of vegetables in each portion! I remembered this fun fact this week while fighting a nasty cold. Next time you pick up a can of soup, check the label to see if it offers a full serving of vegetables!


3. On the side…When we were traveling in Hawaii, it was easy to get in vacation mode in terms of eating. Words like, “while on vacation…or while in Hawaii” crept into our vocabulary very easily but luckily, within a day or two I caught myself and used vegetables to help control my eating. Plate meals are common in Hawaii, normally consisting of a protein and then coleslaw and beans or rice on the side. Many days, I asked for a salad on the side instead which was often free or only an extra dollar. While in New York, I often start meals with a salad to help ensure I get some delicious vegetables incorporated into the meal. If you’re dining out, check out the side options on the menu to see if there is a vegetable that you haven’t tried like sautéed spinach in garlic or grilled artichoke before going with the same old potatoes. Restaurants often feature delicious vegetable side dishes that are fancier than your average week night option.



4. Just chill As you guys know, my schedule fluctuates on a daily basis. Stocking any produce other than my morning banana and mid-day fruit is difficult as it often rots before I can use it. Therefore, I stock our tiny fridge full of frozen vegetable options. Sometimes I buy things as simple as spinach, broccoli, or peas to have on hand for recipes or just to eat plain. But, when I’m craving something more interesting or fresh & spicy I’ll try new things like Green Giant’s Teriyaki Vegetables or Broccoli in Butter sauce which tastes very rich and indulgent but it far healthier than it’s name eludes.


To be candid, I didn’t have the opportunity to try eating more vegetables at the office during the challenge since I was on vacation for over half the challenge and sick for part of it. But, I’m continuing the challenge on my own terms for the next few weeks. During this time I hope to try your awesome suggestions for making veggie bean “hummus”, bringing raw vegetable snacks, and frozen edamame for afternoon snacks!

Do you eat more fruit or vegetables? I’ve craved fruit like no one’s business since my trip to Hawaii. Just this evening I downed a handful of grapes, half a banana, and a mango!

*Disclaimer:  I am receiving a small stipend for my participation in the program and a few coupons for Green Giant products. Since my blog equity is my #1 priority, my thoughts and opinions will be open and honest. If I try a product I don’t like, you’ll be sure to know!

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  1. Carrie April 26, 2012 / 3:33 am

    I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. I haven’t been eating my typical giant salads lately, but I’ve been on a definite soup/stew kick. I usually put all kinds of veggies in those. Plus a big plate of raw veggies is one of my fave snacks!

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