It’s Getting Real

Two weeks from now we’ll be on the couch, elevating my legs, chugging water, and relaxing like it’s our job.

Until then, we’re hanging out in taper town as much as possible when not doing silly things like an accidental speed workout or a too hard spin class. Other things that occur during taper are freaking out about shoes.

On Thursday night I asked my Facebook marathon running friends for help regarding my shoes. My Brooks Adrenaline 12’s weren’t supporting me this week during my runs leading to shin splints and achy legs. When I referenced Daily Mile I realized that they had over 400 miles on them! Oops! Thanks to lots of feedback and experience from my friends, I headed to the New York Running Company near my work on Friday night after many phone calls. Evidently finding Brooks Adrenaline women’s shoes in size 11 isn’t easy. After 6 no’s, the folks at New York Running Company told me they already had the new style, 13, which I could try on their treadmill.

It was my first time in the store but I was thoroughly impressed. Lately the Jack Rabbit location near me, Union Square, hasn’t left me impressed though I’ll always love their shoe delivery program.

The store was bright and vibrant, even at 7pm. But, the first thing that caught my eye weren’t the shoes but the NIke table greeting me as I entered the front door.


I love all of these though I really wish the black one that reads 26.2 Mile Block Party was easier to read because it’s such a fun idea! While I didn’t make a purchase last night, I’ll probably be back this week to seal the deal.

The new Brooks Adrenaline 13 are lighter and more form fitting than the 12’s which excites me! They definitely feel more like my old friends the Adrenaline 11 which I wore last year and loved.


After the shopping adventure, Bo and I relaxed with a week’s worth of DVR and a pasta dinner. This pasta, like miniature sheets of lasagna, from Eataly, was our favorite choice yet.


This morning at 8am I met my usual running friends, along with the addition of Erica to run the last 10 miles of the New York City Marathon together. Printing out the directions we found online worked out perfectly and we spent the morning heading up 1st Avenue, realizing it’s slight incline isn’t that bad and then running up Fifth Avenue remembering that by the time I hit this long hill last year I was in a haze. Those miles from the Bronx up Fifth Avenue are absolute torture, especially today since we had to run on the cobblestones due to traffic. These were definitely my slowest miles of the 10 and I was longing for music during that final push to Central Park. Overall my pace was right on target, around a 10:30, but I started out fast and ended slow (think 9:15 start, 10:45 end). Pacing isn’t that easy, even when the humidity reminds me way too much of summer training.


I dashed home and showered quickly because just an hour later I had a 90 minute deep tissue massage with Tim at Equinox 19th street. It was glorious though painful. He spent about 80 of the minutes focusing on my legs and lower back. Due to my mileage increase over the past couple of weeks the issue areas were far different than the last time he kneaded the knots out. I stood up feeling like a new woman and my legs felt the freshest and loosest they’ve felt in over 2 months!


But, my legs weren’t done being treated and stretched since my next stop was upstairs for the 2nd Yoga for Runners workshop.

photo (33)

Once again we had awesome turn out for the class, as over 35 people showed up for an hour long class with Sarra Morton. Sarra teachers at multiple Equinox locations in the city and her classes are always packed, especially on the weekends. We spent most of the time doing hip opener work and sun salutations while Sarra explained the benefits of each post to us during the flow. Afterwards, we were able to socialize while enjoying one of SOYJOY’s new bar flavors, as they provided each attendee with a sample of their new flavors: dark chocolate cherry and cranberry. In addition, Zobha clothing, who is one of Sarra’s sponsors, was kind enough to provide each attendee with a 20% off discount card.


I think it’s safe to say that I left the class thoroughly relaxed and ready for an afternoon nap!

What’d you do today?

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  1. michelle kim October 21, 2012 / 2:29 pm

    oOooh… a 90-minute deep tissue massage sounds awesome! Do the massages come with the gym membership? ‘Cause that’s pretty awesome!

  2. Kim October 21, 2012 / 9:06 pm

    Glad to see another size 11 out there! I feel your pain with trying to find shoes 🙂 Good luck!!

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