#NoFilter Switzerland

Since moving to Geneva last year, I find myself constantly in awe of the incredible beauty of this country. While we have barely started to discover many cities across Switzerland, those areas that we have visited have left us in awe. Therefore, when I saw that the London City Airport is running a campaign called #NoFilterSwitzerland asking travelers and bloggers to share their favorite, unedited photos, I knew I had to participate!

Whether it’s the stunning, crystal clear lakes or the surrounding mountain peaks, everyday activities such as flying, running, or commuting home from work are more beautiful than anywhere I’ve lived previously.


The aim of the project is to remind people that while the phones of today have many incredible editing features, some of the best pictures are those we capture in the purest form, without complex filters and editing. Over the next few weeks the judges, Becky and Gray from Global Grasshoppers will choose the winning images which will then be on display at London City Airport!

They requested that I limit my entries to five, which is difficult after capturing thousands of images over the past year on my iPhone.


Tempted daily to capture new images so I can share memories with friends, family and blog readers I’ve realized that there are some simple ways to improve iPhone pictures.

  • Take time to ensure that your camera lens is clean. There is nothing worse than capturing a rainbow or other moment than to realize hours later that all of the images are blurry or smudged since your lens was dirty or covered in pocket lint.
  • Take advantage of using the screen focus.
  • Use shadows and reflections to make it more interesting. 
  • If you’re capturing a moving object or taking a picture while on a moving object, use burst mode to take multiple images.

These are my favorite #NOFILTER pictures from the past year in Geneva! I love this project as it’s made me more conscious of the dependency I’ve developed for filters when using my iPhone!

Which one of these pictures is your favorite??

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