A Friday Night Fall Dinner Party

Last night our casual, Fall dinner party was an absolute blast!


There were only four of us, and the evening was very relaxed including hanging out on the sofa while catching up over red wine and listening to music. It was the perfect Friday evening after a long week.


Emily and I handled wine pouring, clean-up and helping with some prep work while Bo and Katie spent the evening in the kitchen truly crafting the dinner.  Luckily, Bo was able to sous vide the main course the night before which made the amount of work required last night far less and helped everyone relax a bit more.


The menu included:

  • Polenta with caramelized onions & shaved pecorino and basil
  • Fall salad of Mesclun greens, toasted pecans, Stilton cheese & pear with white balsamic dressing
  • Sous vide pork shoulder with garlic, sage & mustard with a pork sage gravy and sweet apple reduction sauce
  • Smashed butternut squash
  • Homemade apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of pistachio cream liqueur


Everything was delicious, but my favorite was hands down the main course!


Tell me – How was your Friday night? What are your favorite Fall recipes?

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