Sweaty Highlights: BodyAttack

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday night. I just walked through the door and while the only thing I’m craving is a glass of wine and this week’s episode of Nashville, I couldn’t lie down on the couch without saying hello.

As you know, Theodora is here this week, and I couldn’t be happier. Hosting someone who is more like family than a friend is so simple. Thus far, our nights have been relaxed, filled with lots of laughter and conversations while eating and drinking in the comfort of our home. Since she wants to get a feel for what our life is like here, she even joined us for an early morning swim workout today!


I am thankful she and Bo get along so well as he is showing her around the region today and tomorrow while I’m stuck at work. Based on her Instagram feed, I think they’re having plenty of fun without me!

As I’m not training for anything in particular right now, I was a bit lost in regards to recapping my weekly workouts. Based on Twitter and comments, about half of you love following along while others prefer to hear more about one specific workout. In order to please both crowds, I’m going to kick off a weekly post called Sweaty Highlights.

I’ll recap the past week’s workouts, but focus on one workout that was either new, especially challenging, or a Pinterest worthy workout that you can do on your own.

The Week in Sweat

Monday: After Sunday’s half marathon trail race my body needed some stretching. Luckily our offices hour long lunchtime yoga class focused on hip openers and lots of downward dogs to stretch out my calves!

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: A quick 30 minute workout at the hotel gym and in my hotel room was better than nothing! I did 25 minutes of incline walking followed by 10 minutes of high knees, jumping jakes, push-ups and planks!

Thursday: Our Thursday swim practice included lots of endurance sets that resulted in a 1.2 mile swim! I’m still getting back into swim shape but after just three practices the early morning practices are getting easier.

Friday: Body Attack

Saturday: A 13 mile hiking adventure in Chamonix that left my glutes and calves sore for days!

Sunday: A 90-minute walk along the lake was the perfect way to show Theodora more of Geneva while also shaking out our sore legs.

Sweaty Highlight

The highlight of last week’s workouts was BodyAttack! Sure I’ve heard about Body Attack and the numerous other Les Mills workouts but until Friday, Body Pump was the only one I’d tried. Since I’m training for life right now, I get to enjoy taking as many classes as I want since I don’t have to fear being sore the next morning and messing up a training run. This new found freedom has inspired me to take advantage of my office gym’s classes which include an array of Les Mills classes – Body Pump, Body Combat, BodyAttack, and CXWorx.

When my co-worker and friend invited me to join her for Friday’s lunchtime BodyAttack class,  I couldn’t find an excuse fast enough. I was intimidated to try a new to me class which, based on the website included at least some choreography and lots of jumping. What if I hurt myself? What if I couldn’t follow along? She convinced me to give it a try, reminding me that I could always walk out.

There were seven other women in attendance; the perfect class size to ensure I didn’t run into anyone and could safely place myself in the back corner. They were a range of shapes, sizes and fitness abilities but what I noticed immediately was how excited each one was to spend their lunch hour in this class.

After the typical introductions and injury questions the instructor turned up the music promising a fun and sweaty hour long class. Leah was so right! I LOVED every single second! BodyAttack is a high energy class which brings together lots of cardio (jumping jacks, high knees, high kicks, speed skater, etc.) with strength work in the form of lunges, squats and pushups. How can I not love a class whose motto is “training for the sport of life?” The BodyAttack 86 music was a mix of new and old hits including two of my favorites, Timber and Dark Horse.


Overall, the class brought together the fun and music of a Zumba or spin class with the sweat and workout of a Barry’s Bootcamp or other high-intensity class. I couldn’t stop smiling during the class, even when I messed up the brief choreographed section. I highly recommend giving this class a try if your gym offers it or checking it out online! I will be going back for sure!

Your turn: Have you tried BodyAttack before or any of the other LesMills classes? Which one is your favorite?

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