What’s Next

So, as mentioned in last night’s post, these days I’m training for life.

My goal is to stay healthy and active, enjoying all the different workouts that I pushed to the wayside during marathon training. Considering that I’m traveling the next four weeks straight, not having the added pressure of races is a welcome change.

My goal for the next few weeks is as follows:

  • Yoga 1x per week
  • Swimming 1x per week
  • 1 6-10 mile run
  • 1 speed workout/weights
  • 1 group workout class

I don’t define the specific group workout class because while I’m traveling taking BodyPump or BodyAttack may not be possible. However, enjoying some of my favorite London and New York City fitness studios is more than definitely possible. There is no doubt I’ll enjoy at least one Barry’s Bootcamp class in London AND New York City and at least one Uplift Studios class while in NYC.

On the running front, I’m looking forward to enjoying a few months worth of races for fun before going back into training mode. Charlie and I are currently searching for a flat and fast Spring half marathon but until then I’ve signed up for a few local races.

Foulees Automnales de Meyrin – November 29th – 10km race around a few local Geneva parks

Course de l’Escalade – December 6th – 4 kilometer race through Old Town Geneva

Atlanta Christmas 5k Run/Walk – December 20th – 5 kilometer race through Virginia Highlands

London Winter Run – February 1st – 10 kilometer race through London (Want to join myself and other lovely London Team Naturally Run ladies? You can save on registration by using the below discount code! It’ll be a super fun event and help keep us all motivated during the dark, cold Winter months! Just click here to sign up! )

Winter Run

Lots of fun races over the next few months, none of which is longer than 10 kilometers! I’m hoping to PR at least one of them along the way while I enjoy running each of them with either Bo or friends. I get to run the November race with Meghann who will be in Geneva visiting with Derek for Thanksgiving while running through Atlanta will be a blast for me and Bo when we’re back in Georgia for the holidays!

What do you have coming up on your race calendar? Care to join for any of these fun races?

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