A PR-Worthy Half Marathon Playlist

half marathon playlist

While I have no music ability whatsoever and am 100% tone deaf, I do believe in the power of music. Music can transform a dark hour-long spin class into a dance party or a dreaded treadmill run into the most invigorating part of your day.

Over the past year, I’ve become far less dependent on music as many of my training runs or workouts have been with Bo or other friends. The miles fly by as we catch up on life and talk about upcoming plans.

Fast forward to race day, when I have two hours of running ahead of me, and nothing to take my mind off the miles or the deep breathing that is about to begin. In certain races, this is fine. Focusing on the gorgeous scenery and just having Kristine’s company was more than enough to get me through the hills of Nike San Francisco Half Marathon. But, in order to push through the “pain cave” or mentally hard moments of Saturday’s PR attempt, I know that I need a perfect playlist. I need some hard-core rap that makes me feel tough, I need some Whitney Houston and boy band music that will make me want to dance and I’ll need some fast, upbeat songs to help me push my tempo and pace towards the end.

So, with that being said, here is my playlist for Saturday’s half marathon. At three hours in length, it is far longer than I’ll need, but perfectly long for the pre-dawn to the race start and a pre-race pump up while I go through my dynamic stretches and warm-up. It is a mix of everything from Adele’s soon to be overplayed hit to NSYNC. Come Saturday at 7 AM this playlist will be placed on random and the work will begin.

While I can’t predict the outcome of the race, I know that I have an awesome half marathon playlist that has made me break out in dance moves more than once tonight and will bring a smile to my face during the hardest miles on Saturday. It’s been ages since I was this excited to run alone!

If you want to open this playlist in your Spotify account, just click here. Otherwise, just use the scroll bar on the right side of the playlist to see each of the 46 songs.

Tell me, what song did I forget?



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