Monday Musings

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Good morning and Happy Monday!

The skyline-filled view from the plane this morning and the traffic on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway reminded me very quickly that I’m no longer in Savannah. It was a slow, relaxed weekend outside of Saturday and therefore coming out of it almost feels like I have a bit of a hangover from too much wine, relaxation and fun with family.

While I catch up on work and kick off my Monday, here are a few Monday musings.

Going home to Savannah is very easy now that we are just a quick, 2 hour flight home. Our parents can expect far more visits this year as we try to soak up as much time with them as well as the marsh views and water after missing it for so long. In fact, we already have four trips planned between now and May.

In response to Savannah’s horrible, rainy weather yesterday, we headed to the movie theater. We saw Burnt yesterday afternoon and loved it. There were raw, emotional moments but by the end  the four of us left saying WOW what a great movie. Also, Bradley Cooper can cook for me anytime he wants. I realize critics didn’t love the movie but we really enjoyed it.

Speaking of movies, there are so many great ones either already in theaters or coming out soon. I have My All American, Love the Coopers, The Martian, The Peanuts Movie and Spectre on my list.  What’s on yours?

I have access to what many consider the best pizza in the United States and NYC,  but man did Papa John’s pepperoni and mushroom taste delicious last night.

I picked this sweater up at JCrew factory after my dad felt how soft it was.  It’s loose without being sloppy and unflattering but cozy enough to wear during last night’s fireside and wine chat. Now that it’s on sale for just $39 I’m tempted to buy another color.

I committed to an average of three classes per week during Brooklyn Bar Method’s November challenge. Due to life and half marathon taper, I’ll have to do four classes this week and next week to reach the three class average. Any locals want to join me for a class?

Come back tomorrow for my Savannah Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon recap will go up tomorrow!

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