A Fun Holiday Activity

Each year, the New York based employees in my company come together to celebrate the holidays. Last year we spent the evening ice skating at Bryant Park followed by a fun pizza dinner.


This year, we tried something different that none of us had done in years – a gingerbread, aka graham cracker, house competition.


We split into teams of two, based on the random number we chose, and spent 40 minutes creating the best house possible. Some teams created elaborate, multiple story houses while others created small but sturdy homes.  This was an inexpensive team building activity that resulted in lots of smiles, conversations reminiscing about childhood traditions and laughter.




If you’re looking for a fun, holiday activity to do with co-workers, friends, family or children this is a perfect option.


Here are the list of ingredients we provided each team: 

  • Aluminum tray which served as a base for the homes
  • 1 package of Graham Crackers (We made the houses from graham crackers since these were easier to find then gingerbread.)
  • Bowls of candy/decorations including:
    • gum drops
    • junior mints
    • square pretzels
    • red and green M&Ms
    • peppermints & candy canes
    • Necco wafers
    • Sprees
    • Lifesaver Gummies
    • Nerds
  • One tub of Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting
  • Spoons and knives
  • Paper Towels

The only issue was at the end of the competition, we didn’t know what to do with the completed homes. For now they are decorating our office but in the future, I’d love to find somewhere to take them such as a nursing home or childrens shelter. Next year, we may do a cookie decorating contest so we can take the completed projects to a Ronald McDonald House, youth home or other place where kids and families could enjoy the finished products.

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