Happy Holidays from Savannah


Greetings from Savannah!

While I had great plans for daily posts filled with content ranging from an Orange Theory review to First Trimester Favorites, I realized that this year, in keeping with my goals, I want to be present.

Similar to many other bloggers, in years past I would spent at least an hour each day blogging and always have my camera with me ensuring I capture photos from the day. More recently, I’ve focused on creating that perfect Instagram picture to describe what we’ve been doing in Savannah or how I’ve stayed active during the holidays.

As I read Anne’s post the other day, I decided that I want to put all of those things aside and focus first and foremost on spending time with family who I so rarely get to see. So far, our time in Savannah has been wonderful. The weather has been near perfect, filled with sunshine and temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 60s. I have enjoyed family dinners, time cooking in the kitchen, baking family cookie recipes, watched Hallmark holiday movies, finished last-minute shopping, wrapped presents and relaxed.

I hope that as you celebrate the holiday season, you can take time to put aside social media and the distractions of everyday life to enjoy time with loved ones. As I have supported friends dealing with family illnesses and loss this year, I’ve been reminded that life is short and inspired to spend as much time possible with those who make me the happiest.

Happy Holidays!

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