Embracing A Time of Transition

Last night I opened up my heart to my Instagram and Facebook followers. This morning, I realized that it only makes sense to share this same story on my blog as I can’t assume that everyone who reads my blog also follows me on my social media channels or is able to keep up with posts thanks to the lovely and often annoying Facebook and Instagram algorithms.  The words of wisdom, feedback and comments I received on Instagram and Facebook gave me so much hope this morning as I started this fresh, new day. Perspective can come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Yesterday this perspective came to me in two forms and helped me balance the emotions that I’ve been feeling lately.

  • Hearing our Baby Girl’s heartbeat and seeing her wave to us during our 36 week sonogram as we learned that she is approxiamately 5 lbs 11 oz and is healthy and happy.
  • Receiving words of wisdom and advice from so many friends and readers, many of whom have never commented previously, providing guidance during this time of transition.

While I realize the below is perfectly normal for a person to feel during this time of transition, here are the feelings that have been weighing on my heart and soul recently as I have opened up my blog or social media platforms to post.

I have a lot on my mind tonight friends. Recently I’ve felt as if I’m at a crossroads.  I still think of myself as a health and wellness blogger who loves to inspire others to lead a healthier life through a balanced love of food, wine, workouts and travel.  But, as June 18th approaches, I feel more like a MOM and as if I’m approaching the beginning of a new chapter.

A few readers have reached out about my new blog header, saying that I’m claiming to be a mom before my child arrives. Others have asked how I can claim to be a runner, even though I havent run in months. Trust me, I’m living this identity crisis. Since September, I’ve been focused on providing a supportive, nurturing environment for our baby to grow ans thrive, so yes, I do feel like a mom already.

I find myself over-thinking every post, wonderinf if I’m isolating those of you who aren’t moms or not inspiring my runner and fitness friends in the way they once loved.

I don’t want to find myself in a place where I dread social media and worry about everything I write and say because then I wont be sharing my FULL self.  Instead, I’m going to say that if you want to join me on the ride to see what the next few months and years hold, I hope you’ll stick around and keep engaging. I won’t make any promises, except to post on here and the blog more often, and do my best to continue to inspire YOU ALL, regardless of where you are in your life.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts, advice and two cents with me! I read and value every comment and opinion

Photo credit Alexis Mera Damen

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