Friday Favorites–May 26th, 2017


Happy Friday!

First and foremost, thank you for the kind comments, emails and notes I’ve received this week after sharing my heart with you guys. I read each of the emails and comments and took to heart your insight, opinions and recommendations. Thank you! In addition, I’ve loved hearing the feedback of what you guys want to read more of in upcoming posts. Today’s post starts to address one of the requests – more fashion posts – as there is a lot of fashion on sale this weekend!

Even though it’s Memorial Day weekend, the rainy and cool weather in New York City this week has me feeling a cozy night on the couch far more than a trip to the beach. There isn’t a single day forecasted to be warmer than 75 degrees in New York for the next 10 days and this pregnant momma is totally fine with that. After realizing that I have my mom’s same sensitivity to heat during pregnancy, I’m hoping this cool weather sticks around until Baby Girl Diamond greets us. Lord knows I’m already retaining ALL the water and dealing with some leg and ankle swelling. I don’t want to imagine what that retention and swelling would look like if the temperature sky-rocketed into the 90s.  Bo and I  both have Monday off in observance of Memorial Day, so we hope to combine some final projects around the house with lots of relaxation time and maybe even a fun date day together.

Now, let’s dive into this week’s edition of Friday Favorites, including recipes, articles, posts and other things that caught my eye this week.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and instead is a list of the things of my favorite things this week. As normal, it includes lots of beauty and fashion items which means there are a few affiliate links via ShopStyle. It takes time and money to maintain a blog so I thank you for the support and few cents that come from clicking through the links!

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