Baby Diamond – Week 37


Week 37

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful weekend thus far. I’m checking in today with a bump update. As you can tell from the picture above, I am definitely in the final stretch. In fact, today we hit the 38 week mark which means that Baby Girl Diamond could greet us anytime during the next three weeks. Her due date is two weeks from today but my doctor induces at 41 weeks. I can’t imagine having her inside me for another three weeks as I’m so excited to meet her and things are starting to get pretty uncomfortable.

This past month of pregnancy has been a whirlwind and while I’ve shared lots of updates on Instagram I haven’t shared as many posts on the blog as I initially planned. This was due in part to the fact that I didn’t realize so many people were interested in addition to just being a bit overwhelmed by work, getting ready for Baby Girl and trying to squeeze the most out of each day and week. But, after hearing feedback from you guys that you’d love to read more about pregnancy, I have a few posts going live this week including my third trimester favorites and a peak into our nursery. In addition, I have lined up ten wonderful guest posts featuring healthy recipes that you all will be able to enjoy later this month when I’m too focused on Baby Girl Diamond and recovery to blog very often.

Let’s dive into the latest and greatest details of this pregnancy, focused on how I felt last week, May 28th through June 3rd during Week 37 of pregnancy.

Baby Size: The most exciting moment this month was when I hit 37 weeks and our doctor shared with me that at this point forward, if Baby Girl Diamond decided to greet us, she most likely wouldn’t have to go to the NICU as she is fully developed! I breathed the largest sigh of relief when I heard this news. As of Week 37 she’s around 6.25 pounds and 18.9 inches or, as The Bump app stated, as big as Romaine lettuce.

Weight Gained: After only gaining around 20 pounds the first two trimesters, I’ve been a bit shocked by the weight I’ve gained during the third trimester. As of Tuesday I’ve gained 33 pounds, which I worried was cause for alarm but my doctor reassured me that I’m right on track. In addition,  the warmer weather and visible swelling could mean that some of this is water retention. Since I’m still staying active and am not experiencing any other side effects, she has no issue with the fact that I’ve gained 33 pounds.


Workouts: I am still enjoying working out and moving daily whether that is in a class setting or getting out of the house for a long walk.  I took one preantal pilates class at Aline Pilates, three Orangetheory Fitness classes, did one at home YouTube Prenatal Strength workout and enjoyed two long walks. This week was the first time that I chose to use the spin bike as my cardio during Orangetheory versus incline walking as Friday my body just wasn’t feeling the incline. I love that Orangetheory has so many options (elliptical, treadmill, rower or spin bike) for the cardio portion. Based on how swimming felt today when I went to the pool,  I have a feeling that Week 38 will include at least a few swim sessions as the weightless feeling and the ability to get my heart rate up while staying cool was a welcome change.

Cravings: I am craving ice cream EVERY single evening. Luckily, as I discussed on Instagram stories last night, there are many wonderful, local ice cream shops within walking distance of our apartment. I am really enjoying the evening stroll each night around our neighborhood while cooling off with a scoop of ice cream. While some people have questioned this amount of sugar, I have no issues with it since it is far less processed than other options and it’s what I’m craving. After this pregnancy I think I have done enough research to share my favorite South Brooklyn ice cream locations as I’ve done plenty of research. Until then, I can say that right now Milkmade is my absolute favorite spot! Other than ice cream, I’m craving smoothies and yogurt for breakfast, salads or sandwiches for lunch and trying to ensure that both lunch and dinner have plenty of protein.

Food Aversions: Since the warm weather is causing my entire body to swell, I’m trying to avoid salty foods as much as possible. Other then that, I’m not really having any aversions other than the fact that I still can’t manage to finish a cup of coffee which blows my mind. I find it easier to drink iced coffee than hot coffee but I’m still not finishing a small iced coffee until hours later.

Symptoms: If you’re pregnant, and REALLY want to know the symptoms I’m experiencing, then read this section and click the links. If not, skip over to sleep. During brunch today, I joked with my friend Mary, that ignorance was bliss. I didn’t know many of these symptoms existed until I reached the Week 37 and 38 section of pregnancy books or apps this week. Sure enough, I’m experiencing many of them including lovely things like lightening crotch and cheeseburger crotch.  I’m thankful that Doctor Google, and my doctor, both recommended Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads for quick relief.  In addition, I’ve had some contractions this week, but nothing at a regular interval.  When I visited my doctor on Tuesday she said that my cervix was fully softened but I wasn’t dilated yet. It seems like Baby Girl wants to keep baking, but we’ll see what happens.

Sleep: Sleep has been either amazing, like last night’s ten hours, or horrible. I have started listening to my body and taking a nap around 3pm each day. At this time each day I feel as if I could fall asleep standing so instead of having caffeine or trying to push through, I move from my home office to the bedroom and close my eyes for 30 minutes. The three days I was able to do it last week were amazing and this short nape left me feeling energized for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Wearing: Anytime I see people multiple times in a week, I laugh to myself as they are most likely seeing me in one of three outfits – this versatile yet stylish black dress, this striped dress, or these soft, thin leggings and a v-neck t-shirt. I am so thankful for these pieces as they are comfortable and somewhat flattering. I’ve stopped wearing my underwire bra and instead am wearing nursing bras as they are more comfortable at this point while also providing support. As I’ve shared on Instagram and Insta Stories, my ankles and size 10 feet are a thing of the past, so I’m wearing compression socks at night and one of three shoes during the day – my Rose Gold Birkenstocks which can thankfully be adjusted, my new Sperry shoes which I’m loving and my Brooks PureFlow 6 which I ordered in a larger size during my second trimester.

Other Random Thoughts: Now that her nursery is fully stocked and we have finished everything on our list, I am so excited to meet her and can’t imagine waiting another three weeks, if I have to get induced at 41 weeks. We are really hoping that she comes sooner versus later but until then, we plan to take everyone’s advice and enjoy as much sleep and relaxation during the weekends and evenings as possible. I am so thankful with how wonderful this pregnancy has been thus far. I know so many people who have experienced difficult pregnancies and had no clue what to expect when we started this journey. Some weeks have felt longer than others but the joy of the journey and sharing it with Bo and our friends and family has been incredible.

Your turn – I want to make this as helpful as possible for you guys so please let me know if you have any questions at all. As you know, nothing is off limits.

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