This Week’s Favorite Things

Good morning from San Francisco!


The first 24 hours were an absolute blast, filled with lots of good food, exploring and fun. I’m so thankful that we both decided to run the Nike Women’s San Francisco Half for fun versus putting time pressure on ourselves. Since our mentality is all about enjoying the course and having fun, we’re able to do things like Bar Method together and go bar hopping until well past midnight!

While we’re off sweating together and exploring the Marina area today, here is a round-up of this week’s favorites. Usually posted on Friday, these favorites include links, recipes, articles and other things that caught my eye this week.

I spiced things up this week by giving my morning yogurt bowl an autumn makeover with Siggi’s Pumpkin & Spice yogurt.  This Fall yogurt flavor has 14 grams of protein, a short list of clean ingredients, and a 130 calories.

This metallic pencil skirt gives the sometimes boring office wardrobe staple a bright, creative spin. I love that J.Crew has it in regular, petite and tall so ladies of all builds can sport it with a turtleneck, casual chambray or crisp white shirt.

As soon as cooler temperatures begin, I swap out the bright, Summer nail polish colors for rich, deep shades. Amy and I fell in love with CND Shellac in Masquerade, a rich, burgundy color.

Running before the sun rises or after it sets can be dangerous, especially when near cars. The Night Runner 270 shoe lights ensure that everyone will see you, regardless the hour. The lightweight lights clip on to your shoe laces and can flash in three different settings: white, red, or red flashing. These are a perfect gift for any runner, walker or cyclist!

While Bo and I are still loving Purely Elizabeth and Small Batch granola, Megan’s Salty Macadamia Nut Granola recipe has me motivated to make my own. Requiring only 10 products that you already have in your pantry, the salty sweet flavor combination will upgrade any yogurt or smoothie.

Sometimes, without realizing it, my dad aids in my shopping rationalization. He sent me this WSJ article which provides tips from stylish but economical women on how to navigate through the most fashionable of trends.


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Eating, Reading & Watching Lately

I hope your weekend is going well! My weekend has been exactly what I needed – a perfect mix of friends and relaxation. While Geneva’s weather was less than stellar, gray and gloomy, it worked out quite well. I had no desire to leave the house today other than a short walk to Le Pain Quotidien and to take out the recycling. Luckily, our hike yesterday provided us with a break from the gloomy weather, as we discovered blue sky and sunshine above the clouds! I’ll save the rest of the details and pictures for tomorrow’s post, but safe to say it was another gorgeous Geneva adventure!


I spent five hours hiking yesterday with friends and then hosted a girlfriend for dinner, which means that I was able to enjoy some time in the kitchen cooking and baking! I went to bed exhausted last night at midnight, after falling asleep while watching The Holiday with a girlfriend. Waking up naturally, after 9.5 hours of sleep, was the perfect way to start this relaxing Sunday.


Most of today, this has been my view, save for an hour I’ve spent folding clothes and the other hour spent writing letters to friends and family. I’ve kept up with my note writing habit and am now mailing an average of 3 notes per week.

Today I wanted to take a break from reading and relaxing to share a few of the things I’ve loved this week ranging from recipes, YouTube videos, and articles.


This 10-minute pumpkin pie oatmeal was delicious and made six days worth of breakfasts! I just whipped up another batch today! As an FYI, I altered the recipe to include two scoops of protein powder along with only using a quarter of the brown sugar.

These pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies came out perfectly even when baked after a bottle of wine and cutting the recipe in half!

This pumpkin chili, flavorful and filling, was the perfect dinner last night to warm our souls on a cold Geneva evening. I added some extra veggies such as chopped peppers and a bit of spice to the recipe, but it’s a keeper. I loved that it was satiating even with the omission of meat.

We are hosting 21 people for Thanksgiving on Thursday night, and I think this pumpkin bean dip could be the perfect, easy appetizer to make!

As if she read my mind, Anne posted this healthy, homemade cranberry sauce recipe just as I was writing my Thanksgiving shopping list!

Reading & Watching

Even though I’m not as familiar with Amy Poehler as many people are, I’m enjoying her book Yes Please and really identified  with and appreciated her chapter on apologies.

In keeping with Amy Poehler and reading the book, I’ve spent some time on YouTube watching SNL clips referenced in the book. If you need a laugh, check out this hilarious clip from the 2008 Sarah Palin era.

This article is a good reminder that spending too much time on our devices is not only bad for the mind sometimes but also our neck. Just another reminder to keep going to yoga and put down the device.

I saw this inspiring video posted on no less than 20 of my Facebook friend’s pages this weekend and finally clicked through yesterday. Twelve minutes later I was a puddle of tears.

Have you watched Madame Secretary yet? If you like West Wing, Scandal, The Good Wife or other political dramas, you’ll love this new series. Bo and I both LOVE it!

Inspired by Meghann’s Instagram pictures yesterday, I had to click through to this article  about one persons experience visiting each Disney Park when I saw it on New York Times this morning!

Your turn: What are you eating, reading or watching lately?

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July Favorite Things

July Favorite Things We’re enjoying the last few hours of vacation in Savannah but I wanted to stop in and share a few of my favorite things.

1. For the past 15 years the Weber’s Real Grilling Cookbook has been a staple in my parents’ home. As you flip through our copy of the cookbook there are notes written on over half the pages, critiquing each recipe. A few of our favorite recipes include the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin,  mango and black bean pork chops, grilled scallops, and fire rubbed pork chops.

2. There is nothing more refreshing than ice cold water midway through a long bicycle ride. This Camelbak Podium Chill 21 ounce water bottle is small enough to conveniently pull out during a ride, but large enough to keep you hydrated. We ordered 4 to use for both bike rides and gym workouts.

3. I have been wearing these Adidas Summer Powerluxe Chevron Shorts non-stop since arriving home last week. As soon as I pulled them out of the box I knew they’d be my favorite marathon training shorts. The thick waist band and wider than normal leg openings means that they are comfortable for even the sweatiest of Summer runs. The cute pattern doesn’t hurt either though I have realized that these days brands are putting chevron pattern on EVERYTHING!

4. It seems that 2014 is the year of the baby for many of our friends. We have six good friends who have either recently welcomed a new addition into their family or have recently announced that there is one on the way. Luckily, one of my high school friends has launched an adorable Etsy shop, Barefoot Decor Baby & Home Gifts, specializing in home and baby accessories. While I love cute baby clothing as much as the next person, I’d far prefer to support a friend while also giving friends practical and cute baby gifts. I ordered $200 worth baby bibs and car seat covers this morning. Everything on her shop is homemade, adorable and vibrant – perfect for anyone on your list!

5. It has been ages since a book grabbed me drew to me the sofa or chair, totally unaware of the clock ticking next to me. For two days I did everything in my power to spend as much time reading Me Before You as possible. The book is about two people whose lives couldn’t be more different and how they bring the best out in one another. It’s a great book for all ages as my mom loved it just as much as I did. I can’t wait for the movie to come out next year!

Your turn: What are you loving this month?

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