Staying Sane During Travel

Good morning and happy Friday! The last 24 hours have been a complete whirlwind! Yesterday was my 28th birthday and while celebrating it with my work family was wonderful it was a bit stressful as well.

I made another rookie travel mistake by not packing any going out clothes or even jeans for this trip. Therefore, I spent half of yesterday contemplating whether I needed to buy a new outfit for my birthday dinner last night. I ended up trying on multiple outfits and shredding my body to pieces due to trying on one too many sequin dresses, which can hurt like woah when you’re rushing in the dressing room.

In the end, I decided to stick with my workout outfit and still had a blast. More details to come regarding my birthday celebrating, but for now, let’s talk about how I managed the stress of a four day work trip, losing my driver’s license, and having my computer crash.

I ran a lot!

I ran three of the four days down here just to keep my mind clear and focused.

Even though I didn’t get to bed last night until past 2am, I crawled out of bed at 7 this morning for one last Miami Beach run.

I’m lucky that I’ve spent the week in a city like South Beach. There is a gorgeous boardwalk right outside our hotel which runs for at least three miles along the beach.

I have found that if I maintain my workout plan while I’m traveling it can help keep me sane and on a healthy track.

How can you be stressed out when you start your day with views like this?


I killed my calves two of the mornings by running a mile in the sand but I loved every minute of my workout.

Next time you have to travel, whether for business or personal, make sure you make time for you and your workouts. Whether it’s a long walk or a twenty minute boot camp session in your hotel room, I promise you’ll feel better!

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Time to Travel Again?

Happy Tuesday! This morning was another early one as I had to be at JFK bright and early for a flight to Miami! I can’t believe it’s already time for me to travel again! This month I’ll fly Delta at least 6 times!

  • New York to Miami
  • Miami to New York
  • New York to Savannah
  • Savannah to Atlanta
  • Atlanta to Cozumel
  • Cozumel to New York

Having enjoyed a travel hiatus during late October and early November, it felt very weird to be back in the airport only 48 hours after our Sunday flight back from Savannah!

IMG_5472 (640x478)

There was very little traffic this morning which meant I arrived and made it through security in time to grab a delicious breakfast from my favorite JFK Starbucks right in the middle of the Delta terminal.

IMG_5473 (640x478)

I grabbed a large banana, venti unsweetened Iced Green Tea, perfect oatmeal, and a Chobani yogurt to enjoy later. You can tell from my overflowing bag that I’m heading down on a work trip. I always debate which folders to bring but worry about not having something I need so end up packing everything! Needless to say, I think I’ll be leaving half of these in my hotel room so my shoulder doesn’t die during our store visits!

I enjoyed breakfast as soon as I sat down in my seat with a side of US Weekly.

IMG_5475 (478x640)

My flight feels like a fraternity party as there is a group of 75 students heading down to the Art Basel show in Miami and they are hopping from one row to another catching up with their friends.

I doubt that my next post will be any earlier than this evening as we have a jam packed schedule starting as soon as we land in Miami.

Until then, feel free to enjoy my previous Miami adventures, which took place this Summer!

Joe’s Stone Crab

Seafood+Pool+ Spa in Pictures

Boardwalk Fun

Tap Tap Restaurant

Welcome to Miami

Until later, have a great Tuesday!

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Restaurant Review: Joe’s Stone Crab

Happy Independence Day! We’re currently in flight, our way back from a wonderful weekend in Miami with our friends! In case you missed it, we had a blast exploring South Beach including some spa time, sailing, boardwalk run, and discovering local cuisine.

Joe’s is a Miami institution. For 98 years it has been the restaurant of choice for celebrities, tourists, foodies, and locals alike. Known for the best stone crabs in the country and wonderful service, it truly is a dining experience.

IMG_2882 (640x478)To this day, Joe’s Stone Crab doesn’t accept reservations. Therefore, they make sure that the wait is part of the experience. A large mahogany bar greets thirsty patrons while relaxing jazz plays in the background.  We loved the jazz and the fact that even though it was packed with patient patrons, you could still hear each other speak in the crowded bar area. IMG_2890 (640x478)

IMG_2885 (640x478)  Our group started with a round of cocktails, including vodka Diet Cokes and vodka martinis.

IMG_2881 (478x640) True to their word, our wait was around 30 minutes which flew by due to great conversation and people watching. You truly see all types at Joe’s ranging from bachelorette parties, locals, and people who are still dressed in their Hawaiian print bathing suits and t-shirts.

We were escorted through the front dining room towards their second dining area, each of which were huge. Both rooms were filled with tables covered in green and white check tablecloths.

Luckily we were with another couple who liked to experiment and was open to sharing all dishes across the table.  We elected to stage the meal in 4 courses.  A raw bar course, an appetizer course, an entree course, and dessert. We rarely order dessert at restaurants but one of their signatures items is their famous Joe’s Key Lime Pie!

Shrimp cocktails don’t usually excite us, but Michael was craving shrimp. We were surprised that Joe’s was able to elevate something as simple as shrimp cocktail by cooking and presenting the shrimp perfectly. These were some of the best shrimp we’ve ever had; firm, cold, and juicy!

IMG_2930 (640x478) (640x478)

Next we enjoyed a half dozen Blue Pointe oysters, fresh from their raw bar.

IMG_2929 (640x478) (640x478)It turns out that the appetizer we chose to share was large enough to feed an army. When the waiter brought the popcorn lobster appetizer to our table, each of our jaws dropped. This platter was filled to the brim with popcorn sized lobster bits, deep fried in cornmeal goodness.

Certainly a vacation delicacy, these little morsels were divine and perfectly accompanied with Joe’s signature honey mustard and blue cheese sauces. It was so delicious and the light batter didn’t overpower the tender lobster tail chunks.

IMG_2933 (640x478) (640x478)

Our stomachs full and mouths happy, we asked the waiter to give us a break before our next course just so we could find room for the famous crab.

Thirty minutes later, we were presented with five gorgeous stone crabs claws. This was the perfect amount of crab for four people who were already feeling full. They were delicious and tender a always, especially the knuckle meat. I’d also like to note that since it isn’t currently stone crab season, these were “fresh frozen” crab claw. We were nervous at first but they were delicious and you would never know they weren’t fresh.

IMG_2931 (640x478) (640x478)

Last but not least, was the famous key lime pie. While I am not a key lime pie expert, I am a graham cracker crust lover and this was amazing. The pie filling was creamy and thick but not too tart, the crust was buttery and the perfect thickness, and the cream was homemade. They even share their recipe, which I’m looking forward to making for our next picnic or dinner party!

IMG_2932 (640x478) (640x478)

Thank you Joe’s Stone Crab for a dinner that lived up to our expectations while not being too touristy or over the top!

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