Shout It From the Mountain Top: #IWILL

As you guys may recall, I’ve partnered with Fitfluential and Under Armour to participate in the What’s Beautiful 3.0 Challenge.

Before heading off to Istanbul (!!!!) and Geneva (!!!!!!!) for vacation and house hunting I wanted to kick off video portion of the What’s Beautiful challenge. It’s been a while since I did a video so I figured it’d be a fun way to get back into the habit and it allows me to share with you some of the ways I’m putting my health and wellness first during these crazy few weeks.

So, sit back and enjoy laughing at my awkwardness for the next 3 minutes.


Enjoy and remember to put yourself and your health first!

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Friday Face Time

It’s Friday morning which means that I am currently hanging out in VAN #2 with the rest of the team singing to Call Me Maybe, eating bananas and cheering on runner #1 who just started!!

IMG_4747 (480x640)

In case you’ve missed it, here’s our team for this weekend’s Reach the Beach relay!

IMG_4746 (640x480)

*Pictures via Tina

VAN #1

  1. Gretchen
  2. Jess
  3. Melissa
  4. Patricia
  5. Bridget
  6. Sarah

Van #2

  1. Tina
  2. Monica
  3. Theodora
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Anne
  6. ME

Until then, enjoy today’s Friday Face Time and this awesome article that was just released comparing banana’s magic powers to sports drinks!! Good thing I’m in Van #2, the Beer & Bananas van!

Coming out on the heels of the May 15 New York Times story highlighting the soda industry’s recent push to replace declining soda sales with sports and energy drinks, the banana study shows that there are still healthy alternatives to salt and sugar filled drinks for athletes and parents around the country. For details, go to

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Friday Face Time

It’s back! In this week’s Friday Face Time I chat about the following:

  • How amazing you guys are!
  • What’s coming up next in terms of races.
  • A few ways Bo and I make sure to make time for US.

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