A Washington, DC Evening: POV Rooftop & BLT Steak

Good morning from Washington, DC!  I hope everyone enjoyed Becky’s Marathon+Moderation post yesterday.

Yesterday was another busy day exploring the Washington, DC market. The visit I’m on is called a “market visit.” During a trip like this, we spend time in area Macy’s store getting to know their needs, opportunities, and the market itself. Yesterday we drove all over the area, including Annapolis, Wheaton, Tyson’s Corner, and Montgomery. We’re at each mall for over an hour, walking the floor, talking with employees, and observing consumers. It’s a great opportunity though very exhausting!

After a long day in suits and heels, it was wonderful to spend sometime sipping cocktails on the rooftop of the W hotel downtown.  Around 5:30, when we arrived, the P.O.V Rooftop & Lounge wasn’t full so we were able to enjoy wonderful service and great seats! I can definitely imagine that this is a hot spot during summer nights as it combined wonderful cocktails (think fruity and gin filled) with fabulous views.

povrooftop (320x240)

The views were amazing and from what I hear, their specialty drinks were to die for! I stuck with a vodka seltzer with two limes instead of trying a specialty drink. I try to save those types of drinks for special occasions and instead stick to light beer, light cocktails, or wine on business travel. This is an easy way to keep a sense of healthy moderation on business trips which could otherwise easily become overindulgent.
IMG_2828 (640x478)

IMG_2829 (478x640)

However, by 6:30 when we left, there was a line 40 people deep waiting to head up the elevator. Based on my online research, it seems like you can make reservations in advance to avoid a line.

After cocktails, we headed over to Washington’s BLT Steak. BLT Steak is part of the Bistro Laurent Tourondel chain and has eleven locations worldwide including New York City, Charlotte, and Washington, DC. Their website describes it as a bistro steakhouse, and I’d fully agree with this description.


BLT Steak is our interpretation of the American Steakhouse and combines bistro ambiance with steakhouse fare. Indulge in our signature warm popovers, along with specially selected steaks, fresh seafood and satisfying sides. Weekly blackboard specials highlight seasonal flavors and local ingredients.

bltsteakoutside (186x139)

Since we were a group of 15, they sat us in their private dining room complete with our own dedicated wait staff, a flat screen TV, and comfortable chairs.

bltsteak (226x213)

This was my first time dining at BLT steak and I was very pleased with the overall experience. The service was very attentive and friendly, the food which was served family style for our large group, was fresh and warm, and the popovers were the star of the show!

IMG_2831 (640x478)

After a delicious dinner, we decided to enjoy the cool evening with a walk to the White House.

IMG_2834 (640x478)

It looks so small and peaceful at night compared to during the day when there are tourists, security guards, and lots of activity.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening!

Question: What are your tricks for keeping moderation during business travel? I’m going to do a post about this next week and would love some reader input.

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