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As you guys know, I always enjoy a good, sweaty workout especially one that challenges me and can help me improve. However, since getting pregnant, I have been hesitant to push myself in boot camp or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes. Even though I’m working out with a heart rate monitor, since this is my first pregnancy, I am being very cautious.

Luckily, when OrangeTheory reached out to me, asking if I would like to try their Brooklyn Heights or new Park Slope location, I was thrilled to hear that they have coaches at both locations who specialize in working with prenatal and postnatal moms by providing adjustments, closely monitoring their heart rates and meeting with them before class. In addition, their heart rate based training makes it easy to stay in touch with my body throughout the workout.


Suddenly I realized that it may be possible for me to have a healthy, cautious pregnancy and still get that great endorphin rush.  I was smiling like a kid on Christmas when I trudged through the snowy Brooklyn streets towards the Brooklyn Heights OrangeTheory.  The coach for the class, Garner, welcomed me with a huge smile and quickly reviewed the workout with me as well as giving me a tour of the studio.




Since I’m still accustomed to the cramped, smaller Manhattan studios this location felt like a mansion. The location is spotless, features a huge entrance area where students can relax before and after class, showers, bathrooms and a locker area. As you can see, the studio is also spacious, featuring more than fifteen treadmills and rowing machines as well as a dedicated, spacious strength training area.


Since OrangeTheory is a heart rate-based interval training class, each student wears a chest or wrist heart rate monitor that tracks your stats throughout the workout so you can see your heart rate on the screens during class.  While you can’t use your own heart rate monitor, students can use one for free during their first class and then rent or buy them for future classes.  The goal, for most students, is to stay in the orange or uncomfortable zone for at least a portion of the class. Since I am pregnant, we discussed my previous and current fitness, deciding that my goal should be to spend most of the class in the green zone with a few minutes in the orange zone.


While each OrangeTheory class is different, most classes include a cardio portion, which is split between rowing and running, in addition to a strength portion.  This specific class session started with 25 minutes of cardio, rotating between the rowing machine and treadmill for intervals followed by a balanced strength portion targeting arms, abs, and legs.

By the end of the class, I was a sweaty mess but still smiling. With Coach Garner’s help, I made sure not to push myself too hard but still left class sweating and woke up the next morning feeling my hamstrings from the hills and feeling muscles I hadn’t pushed in the past few weeks.  In fact, I loved my first class so much that I was back just a few days later and am now seriously considering a package.


If you’re interested in trying OrangeTheory, your first class is free. If you live in Brooklyn, the Park Slope location is offering discounted packages and specials to celebrate their opening.


This post is sponsored by OrangeTheory Brooklyn but as you may have seen on Instastories and Snapchat, I’ve already been back again! I love OrangeTheory and all opinions in this post are my own. 

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Weekly Workout Recap – December 12th – 18th


Happy Tuesday!  I’m working my way through my work to do list today as I only have a few more hours before I put up my out of office message for two weeks! I am so ready for two weeks of rest and relaxation. We are spending half the time down in Savannah before heading back up to New York City to enjoy a staycation.

In terms of workouts, last week I initially filled my schedule with way too many workouts due to my new-found energy. I was excited to feel human again and was craving workouts. But, luckily my work schedule included three nights of dinners and client meetings which naturally caused me to change my workout schedule. A blessing in disguise, this helped ensure that I didn’t overdo it last week. My goal is to balance my workouts as I know that I can easily get too excited and pack my schedule with multiple workouts especially after missing those sweaty endorphins during the first trimester.

  • Monday December 12th – I started the week with the 6:15 morning
    class at my neighborhood Pilates studio, A-Line Pilates. These tower classes are helping me engage my core and begin training the muscles that will be key during labor and delivery. Since the studio is only a five minute walk from my house, I have no excuses!
  • Tuesday December 13th –  My friend Elizabeth, who is three weeks ahead of me in pregnancy, suggested a pre-work jog. Even though it was frigid outside, we had a blast catching up while we walked and jogged around the neighborhood.
  • Wednesday December 14th – Rest Day
  • Thursday December 15th  – Rest Day
  • Friday December 16th –  I ended the work week with another great 6:15 morning Tower Pilates class at A-Line Pilates.
  • Saturday December 17th – As part of a blogger partnership, I had the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Heights Orange Theory location with Bo. We took the 11:30-12:30 signature Orange 60 class, led by instructor Corey Harbison. I will share more thoughts in an upcoming post but needless to say Bo and I both thoroughly enjoyed class. It left me sore for two days as I haven’t done much strength training over the past few weeks nor hill intervals but thanks to the heart rate monitor and great instructor, I felt safe the entire time.
  • Sunday December 18th –  Before church, Bo and I spent an hour working out at the YMCA. While he swam I did a 45 minute spin class followed by 15 minutes of foam rolling and core work.
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Weekly Workout Recap – December 5th – 11th


AKA Workouts During Week 12 of Pregnancy 

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with holiday festivities including Theodora’s annual cookie swap and the annual holiday lunch with some of Bo’s best guy friends, many of whom I’ve now known for nine years! Thanks to a very rich, late lunch at Peter Luger’s yesterday, I was in bed by 7:45pm. This set me up well for an early morning Monday workout!

Since so many people have requested that I share my workouts throughout pregnancy, today is the return of my Weekly Workout Recaps. I will share these each Monday with not only links and class details but also any adjustments I made during class due to pregnancy. Since I’m still early in my pregnancy, just 13 weeks, there aren’t very many adjustments yet.

  • Monday December 5th – After a long Monday I was craving a cardio sweat party, aka Soul Cycle class. While I don’t take Soul Cycle that often, I find that it can cure a bad mood better than almost any other workout. Joyce’s class was almost completely out of the saddle which is a change for me. If you take Soul Cycle classes regularly, would you say this is typical these days?
  • Tuesday December 6th – You guys know I don’t have my rythym and therefore typically avoid dance workout classes. Thanks to Target‘s C9 brand and AKT Nomad I had the opportunity to try an AKT Happy Hour class bright and early Tuesday morning with Kayla, Theodora and other NYC influencers. The Happy Hour class is their signature dance-based interval class. The class alternated between choreographed dance cardio combinations and toning workouts including a VERY challenging glute series that left my glutes sore for two days. By the end of the class I’d let my inhibitions go and was having a blast even though I was always a step or two behind. I enjoyed this class SO much that I’d consider going to it again or even trying their AKTEASE class which is targeted towards beginners.
  • Wednesday December 7th – Rest Day
  • Thursday December 8th  – I received a cold weather running package from my friends at Brooks which inspired me to immediately try on the pieces and head out the door for an outside jog. I jogged for 30 minutes around the neighborhood, enjoying the holiday lights and festive decorations while trying to ignore the cold weather’s affect on my lungs.
  • Friday December 9th – Since joining the Brooklyn (Dodge) YMCA this month, I’ve had the chance to get back into Body Pump. This was the first workout class I took when I started my fitness journey ten years ago. I used to take Body Pump three times a week at the gym near my apartment in Wayne, Pennsylvania but since moving to New York City haven’t been able to take it since it’s only offered in certain gyms. Friday evening I kicked off the weekend with a very sweaty, fast paced Body Pump Express class. I thought express meant it’d skip one track to result in a shorter class. Nope, it just meant you did 90% of the work in 75% of the time and most of the time was saved during transitions. I think I’ll stick to regular classes during my pregnancy as I found the pace a bit hard to keep up with at times.
  • Saturday December 10th – I met my sister-in-law at the Brooklyn Heights Soul Cycle for a 60-minute Soul Survivor class led by the very energetic Eve. Her class included A LOT of time out of the saddle as well as Rihanna tunes. By the time class was over I was ready to get out of the hot, sticky room but during class I felt great.
  • Sunday December 11th –  I returned to jogging with a 40-minute treadmill workout consisting of 5 minute walking intervals at 4.2 speed and 5.0 incline followed by 5 minute of jogging intervals at 5.7 speed and 1.0 incline.


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