Weekly Workout Recap–August 30th–September 6th


Hello! It’s been a hot second since I blogged as I took made an impromptu decision to disconnect from blogging during the second half of our vacation. I realized that I never took a true leave from blogging after giving birth to Katie as I found so much support, inspiration and energy from blogging right after she was born. As soon as we landed in Savannah I felt the urge to disconnect 100% from email, blogging and most of social media. While I shared a few stories on Instagram and a few posts, I spent most of the time soaking up the Savannah humidity and all the love from our Savannah friends and family.


In a similar vein, working out was not my number one priority. While many people assumed that Bo and I would take advantage of the time with grandparents to run errands, go on a date together, or workout we both found ourselves wanting to spend the time together with everyone, including Katie. For me, that meant that workouts were not a priority during this trip. While I did squeeze in a few workouts, I spent more time chatting with family, rolling on the floor with Katie, sipping beers on the back porch, and enjoying delicious food. Maybe it’s the unofficial end of Summer or cooler Fall weather, but since returning to Brooklyn yesterday, I’ve been inspired to dive back into blogging as well as a healthier, more mindful workout and food routine. Most of my maternity and post-baby clothing that I’ve worn all Summer is just that, Summer clothing, and therefore if I have any hope of fitting in some of my Fall wardrobe, I need to get back to workouts and cleaner eating. Don’t get me wrong – I have no skewed thinking that these new hips or my larger chest will fit in some items, and that is just fine. But, I know that if I can shed the few pounds that I gained over the past month of travel and fun, a majority of my leggings, jeans, sweaters and flowy blouses will be an option for the cooler, Fall temperatures.

Since I’m aware that dieting and extreme exercise can have a negative impact on breast milk supply as well as add unnecessary stress, I’m taking a realistic, healthy, manageable approach. I am taking pictures of my food as a way to stay accountable and nix the mindless snacking and I’m dedicating Katie’s morning nap to the Post Baby Bod Workouts. This morning nap tends to be her longest one of the day so it’s realistic that I can do an at-home strength/cardio workout at least three days a week during this nap. The afternoon nap, around 5pm, tends to be the least reliable one so this is going to become a stroller walk time a few days a week. In regards to out of home workouts, my goal is two per week – one early, morning YMCA workout during the week before Katie wakes up and one weekend workout while Bo can watch Katie.

So, now that we’ve covered those bases, let’s get to last week’s workouts, shall we? Most of these workouts ended up being cardio since I didn’t spend anytime at a gym, fitness studio and were enjoyed with my mom.


  • August 30th: A quick, 30 minute walk/jog around my aunt and uncle’s driveway in Vermont before our drive home to Brooklyn.
  • August 31st: I headed to the YMCA at 5:30 AM to squeeze in a workout before our flight down to Savannah. I did 30 minutes on the Stairmill and 15 minutes of arms/back before returning home. I added a bit more to the workout by doing a 5:1 walk/jog interval for the mile commute home.
  • September 1st: I headed out for my first solo walk/run through the neighborhood which was 45 minutes of 5:1 walk/jog intervals. It was hot and humid but the sunshine was so refreshing as was some alone time to disconnect and zone out to the music on my playlist.
  • September 3rd: I headed out for a solo 60 minute walk/run through the neighborhood and was able to cover 4.25 miles using a 5:1 walk/jog interval system. The workout felt especially tough due to the heat and humidity in Savannah but the views were gorgeous!
  • September 4th: My mom and I enjoyed chatting together during a 60 minute stroller walk through the neighborhood while taking advantage of the lower, evening temperatures.
  • September 5th: Travel Day home from Savannah, aka rest day.
  • September 6th: Since the weather in NYC isn’t conducive for a long walk today, I did 10 minutes of cardio (mountain climbers, jumping jacks, speed skaters) as well as the Total Body Workout from Gina’s Post Baby Bod ebook.
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No Equipment Workout


As someone who used to be a “cardio queen” I have realized over the years just how important strength training is for my health and well-being. While I am not in weight-loss mode, I am trying to ensure that I make a safe return to fitness post-baby and one of the keys that many people have recommended is to take things slow and prioritize strength training.

While we were in Vermont I turned to body-weight workouts since I did not have any weights and the gorgeous weather made me want to spend all my time outside, not in a gym. The below workout allowed me to accomplish two things at one time: strength and jogging. I am slowly beginning to build my jogging base following pregnancy and per the recommendation of many, am taking an interval approach. This week I am only jogging 60-90 seconds at a time and therefore thought that would make a perfect cardio portion for this quick, do-anywhere workout.

Depending on your fitness level, you make this workout easier or more challenging by adjusting the jog to a walk, power walk or sprint. The strength portions of the circuit can also be modified easily, depending on your ability. I did this 27-minute circuit three times while we were in Vermont and really enjoyed it. The focus on time versus reps allowed me to push myself a bit more than I would have otherwise and also allowed me to see improvements each time I did the workout. This workout is perfect for people of all abilities since it’s based on time and bodyweight, not number of repetitions or a certain pound weight. Quality over quantity, like many things in life, is most important for this workout.

No Equipment Workout

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Fresh Air And Relaxation


Sometimes you just need to get away from everything and enjoy some fresh air, relaxation and quality time with family.

As Bo’s second week of paternity leave approached, we debated how best to use the time. While we originally planned to do a staycation in Brooklyn, we eventually realized we’d rather spend our time in our two favorite places – Manchester, Vermont and Savannah, Georgia. In addition, traveling to visit family is a perfect way to learn our way through traveling with an infant. While we love visiting and discovering new places, this trip has proven to be exactly what we both needed.


Since arriving in Vermont Friday, we’ve been blessed with wonderful weather. In fact, this may be the nicest weather I’ve enjoyed over the fourteen years that I’ve been visiting Manchester, Vermont. During the days the temperature is in the mid-70’s with plenty of sun and in the evenings the temperatures dip into the 40s.


We made a concerted effort not to plan much for our time in Vermont. A perpetual list maker and someone who has a hard time disconnecting and relaxing, Bo and I both knew that in order to feel truly refreshed and recharged we needed to focus on avoiding over-packing our days.

On Friday, when we arrived we met my aunt at the Red Rooster for an al fresco lunch before meandering through town and picking up ingredients for the weekend from the Vermont Butcher Shop and Dutton’s Farm.   After that we spent the rest of the evening introducing Katie to Vermont’s fresh air, rocking on the back porch and enjoying dinner together with my aunt and uncle.  We were lucky to borrow a friends BabyBjorn Lightweight Travel Crib which worked perfectly for the trip. Katie adjusted quickly to the new location and bed situation and thankfully has slept and napped well since we arrived.


After a leisurely Saturday morning sipping coffee and enjoying lots of tummy time and giggles with Katie, who continues to be a morning baby, we headed to Mount Equionx Skyline Drive to enjoy the scenic views and take Katie on her first hike. We used our Ergobaby 360 carrier for the hike and based on her cuddles and sleep, I’d say Katie loved it. After the hike we headed back into town to our favorite sandwich spot, Zoey’s Deli. Since their sandwiches are so large Bo and I split the daily special. Katie loved hanging out on their front deck while we ate, mesmerized by her car seat activity spiral. 21077422_10208303210892707_2879684319780166006_n

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading on the back porch and relaxing in the hot tub while Katie napped. After bath time and putting Katie down for the night, we cooked a delicious dinner after she went down for the night. The seared scallop and shrimp risotto that Bo whipped up was delicious, as always, and even more impressive since it was his first time making risotto.


Yesterday we spent all day on the porch between outdoor workouts, grilling lunch, tummy time, rocking and reading. It was exactly the Sunday we both wanted and an absolutely perfect way to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I finished my book, The Sunshine Sisters, which I thoroughly enjoyed and am not starting my next read, either Fortune’s Children or A Hundred Summers. 21150304_10208303208732653_4004355831920674972_n 21034582_10208303209132663_6957178779480012664_n21105495_10208303208652651_6661773880474996210_n21078715_10208303207612625_6563349698788750948_n

We took a break from cooking last night and enjoyed takeout burgers and onion rings on the back porch with a cold beer before staying up late chatting with my aunt and uncle.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and are looking forward to a great week. My prayers and thoughts are with those who are dealing with the reprecussions of Hurricane Harvey.

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