Better Late than Never!

Last week, I received an email from Equinox advertising their latest member/guest event, The Breakfast Club.
Jump start your day and enjoy a complimentary workout, heart healthy breakfast and blood pressure testing.




Fitness is more fun with a partner, so bring a friend along.

Sponsored by: Pom Wonderful, MixmyGranola

I was immediately excited as I’m probably the last health and fitness blogger to sample Pom Juice and MixmyGranola. I’ve seen these brands multiple time on other sites and even in store but haven’t sampled them. In addition, I was hoping to bring a friend to the event to enjoy a morning spin class.

Yesterday’s event did not disappoint! After a fabulous spin class and shower I headed out to the lobby to investigate the goods. There were multiple brands represented: Pom Wonderful, MixmyGranola, and Tea & Honey Store.

Mix My Granola:

For those of you who haven’t sampled this amazing idea before, Mix My Granola prides themselves on allowing consumers to design their own granola from more than 75 healthy and delicious ingredients. In addition, you can also choose from their pre-mixed formulas such as the Equinox mix. Most granolas range from $7-$10 per container. While this is expensive, I think it’s important to keep in mind that you are able to customize it exactly to your palate! I love this site and plan to order something very soon! In addition, their site is VERY user friendly
This brand was giving out small single serving portions of their Equinox braneded “Heart Healthy Granola” mix. This blend included whole rolled oats, crisp rice, honey, cranberries, almond, coconut, and more. I was only able to grab one pack since they were handing them out but it was absolutely delicious! It was the perfect mix-in yesterday when blended with my afternoon snack: Fage 0% and sugar free apricot preserves.
Even better, MixMyGranola has been so kind as to offer Healthy, Happier readers 10% off their order by entering the code: GRANOLA10 at checkout!

The Tea and Honey Store carries a unique assortment of robust and flavorful teas and honeys. Our intimate and vibrant shop in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal strives to provide exotic and delicious teas from across the globe alongside a selection of gourmet, unprocessed honeys.
Along with our own The Tea & Honey Store line of carefully selected organic teas and locally produced honey from the Hamptons Honey Company, we offer a variety of exclusive tea lines from the best tea houses and apiaries in the United States and France.
Yesterday they were handing out different Le Palais Des Thes tea bags. I was able to snag one chai and one The des Sables, a green tea. This green tea was absolutely divine yesterday morning and quickly warmed me up after the 10 block walk in the snow and cold. The flavor is softer than your average green tea due to the citrus infusion. In addition, I highly recommend their honey selection as every Equinox member who sampled it immediately broke out in “ooohs, yumms, and this is amazing” They have a great online shop as well which features their offerings!
For the local NYC readers, I will continue to post events such as this on the blog so you can have the opportunity to try Equinox for free! Until then, I highly suggest trying some of these great brands!
Also, hop on over to to join me for a free kettlebell class next week!

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The Power of Positive Thinking

“Positive thinking is expecting, talking and visualizing with certainty what you want to achieve, as an accomplished fact.”

If you’re lucky, the great thing about living and working out with your best friend is that they can constantly serve as your exercise buddy and/or motivator. Bo and I took yesterday off from a formal workout since we had a greuling 8 mile run in Central Park on Saturday. Today I assumed i’d do 3 miles on the treadmill and some abs but Bo had a different idea.

B: “Are you ready to go for a run? I thought we’d do the bridge and central park.”
A: “That’s far and hard! I figured i’d do an easy 3 today. I think the gym is open.”
B: “If we’re really going to make a change we have to start now. We need to run outside more so we’re not surprised during our races.”

Good call! So I quickly bundled up and headed out the door with my new playlist already blasting. Our plan was to run from our apartment down to the Queensborough Bridge, over the bridge, down 61st street until we hit the park, then a mile and half along the east side of the park which would also include Cat Hill. To be honest, when we left the apartment I assumed that I wouldn’t finish. Our chosen path was filled with one HUGE hill (Queensborough Bridge) and then the hills in the park. I figured that somewhere along the way i’d get tired and turn back. That’s the great thing about having a workout partner. You can’t stop running if someone is 100 feet in front of you turning their head around every 1/4 mile to make sure you’re still there. This run was tough- no questions asked. But, I quickly started a mantra and focused on my breathing. The only bad part about the run was the fact that I was wearing WAY too much clothing. I didn’t realize how warm it was especially in the sun. But, at the end I sweat it through, sang a bit too loud, and smiled in delight when I realized that my 5 miles were done and that i’d actually kept a faster pace than normal- 9:47ish.

I hope you had a great day today regardless of whether you were able to relax and enjoy the holiday or were working hard all day!

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Bar Boulud: A serving of classic French fare

This weekend has been absolutely wonderful thus far filled with an 8 mile long run through snowy Central Park which was tough but so gorgeous and fun since Bo and I talked the whole time , long walks through the city, apartment hunting, drinks with friends at The Red Lion,
relaxing on the couch watching The Tudors, experimenting with healthy breakfast options, and dining out! Bo and I normally only order in once per week (normally from our local favorite Shi) and dine out on Friday nights after work. However, this weekend, due to the holiday we ended up eating out both Friday and Saturday night at two wonderful restaurants, Bar Boulud and Perilla.
Bar Boulud is Daniel Boulud’s casual classic French bistro located across from The Lincoln Center in NYC. Daniel Boulud is a famous French chef and restauranter who now has restaurants in NYC, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Beijing, Palm Beach, and Miami. He opened his first restaurant, and most famous, Daniel, in 1993 after his time as executive chef Le Cirque in NYC. Bo and I have often passed Bar Boulud during our long walks and Columbus Circle ventures and finally decided Friday night that we had to try it! After a work happy hour we wandered up to Lincoln Center around 7:30 in hopes of snagging a seat even though we didn’t have reservations. We were escorted to the bar area while we waited for a table but after fifteen minutes were told that we could in fact eat at the bar if we wished. This was a perfect option as the bar area offers the full menu, a first hand look at some of the cheeses and chartucerie, and wines. We started the evening with a glass champagne and the Degustation de Charcuterie to share (3 types of pate, charcuterie, condiments, pickles, and mustard) and the escargots persillade (wild burgundy snails garlic and parsley). The pates were amazing though the chicken liver pate was definitely my favorite. The snails were a treat as i’d never tried these before and they were rich and succulent. The parsley added to the flavor against the warm snails especially when paired with the small hushpuppy like potato balls.

As for our main meal, we shared a classic French fish dish, local catskills trout, toasted almonds

roasted cauliflower brown butter, verjus. This dish was absolutely divine as they used the cauliflower in so many different ways and the fish was perfectly crisp.
Bo and I agree that Bar Boulud’s food and wine was absolute perfection. Everything we tasted was seasoned perfectly and bursting with flavor. However, it was all very classicaly prepared which means the flavors weren’t innovated (to be expected at a classic French restaurant) and the service was attentive but a bit pretentious for our liking on a Friday night after a long week. We would definitely go back but we’d probably take friends so we could make our own noise and laughter. This Friday night it was painfully quiet and reserved which was ironic since Zagat warns of the noise levels.
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