It’s not fitness, it’s life and other changes

Where do I even begin? It has been six months since my last post and quite a bit has changed! The biggest of which is that I enjoyed the most wonderful day of my life on November 21, 2009! Bo and I were finally married after six years of dating! The wedding was gorgeous, our friends and family flew in from all over the country to celebrate, and the honeymoon was a week of warm and sunny bliss. We chose Cap Juluca, on Anguilla, as our honeymoon destination after months of research and contemplation. We knew we wanted a destination which would allow for water sports, excursions, luxurious treatment and service, while also answering the needs of two foodies! The restaurants on Anguilla took us completely by surprise. Each one, filled with it’s own unique atmosphere, was very different but also allowed us to taste some of the freshest red snapper, goat stew, and plenty of caribbean influenced dishes. I will definitely dedicate a post in the near future to our honeymoon food.
Since returning, we have been going non-stop with work, holiday parties, traveling back to our home in Georgia for Christmas, hosting Bo’s best friend for New Years, and now this weekend we have two friends coming into the city for their first taste of New York! Living in a “destination” city is definitely one of my favorite parts about New York City! 
One of our big decisions upon returning was whether or not we’d finally join a “real gym.” My friend Lauren had been pestering me for the past three months to join Equinox. She insisted we’d be able to work out together, motivate each other to leave our desks at a reasonable time, and get to spend quality time at the gym. The price tag was definitely hard to swallow, but in the end, Bo and I chose to join on December 31st! We were able to take advantage of their awesome New Year’s program which meant no initiation fees! Bo even received one free month since he “referred” me. 
The gym has been incredible thus far. It has allowed Bo and I to finally enjoy classes together that challenge our bodies while also keeping our workout fresh. Last week, our first week as members, we enjoyed three spinning classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each instructor has a very different motto for their class. For example, Dave M makes you happy you woke up and braved the cold for a 6:45 Monday morning workout. His motto is, “You have 23 other hours to recover so make this one your hardest.” His class pushes you with hill workouts, “dumbell sets”, and great music. Danielle, tomorrow’s instructor, has a more moderate paced class, but it serves as a wonderful recovery. In addition, she teaches a treadmill running class from 7:15-7:45 which i’m dying to try tomorrow. It combines speed and hills with the added benefit of having someone their to coach and inspire you. Last week I was amazed that over half our class joined her afterwards. I wonder if I can at least give it a try tomorrow? In addition to spinning, i’ve resolved to enjoy at least two yoga classes each week. Lauren and I were blessed with last Thursday’s Power Vinyasa class at 54th street. The teacher’s voice was young and calming but she also walked around during class ensuring that everyone was in the right posture. I yearn for teacher’s correction during class as that is the primary difference from using a DVD. On Saturday, I took a risk and enjoyed a yoga class on my own after my Equifit evaluation. I was intimidated when I saw people practicing headstands before class. While I enjoy yoga and hope to improve my practice this year, this bear is no Jenna from Eat Live Run. But, I put my worries aside and left my thoughts on the door’s threshold. An hour later I had attempted crow, one leg at a time, been assisted into an inversion, and released the week’s tension with four bridge poses! 
While I haven’t truly figured out what the role of this blog will be in my life, I have realized that I miss the community and the experience to capture my adventures. It will always include food adventures because as Julia Child’s character in Julia and Julia said, “oh I eat so well!”  In addition, I hope to capture some of the fitness experiences that a membership to both Equinox and New York Road Runners will allow this year.
So, that being said, i’m exhausted and have to be ready for another great spin class tomorrow morning. But, until then, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on returning to a blog please provide. As well, remember that i’ve been out of the blog world for 6 months and haven’t been reading during that time either. So if you’ve discovered a great new blog please send the site my way!
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Things i’m loving right now…

We’re heading down to Savannah tomorrow night for a weekend of Debutante Parties, wedding planning, a bridal shower, and hopefully some time in the sun. We’re both so excited about the trip and the mini 4 day break from work but that also means squeezing a TON of work into three days since a lot of people are taking next week off due to the holiday. I just walked in the door a few minutes ago and dinner just consisted of a banana, some leftover vegetables we prepared asian style last night, and a bit of Artisana Coconut Butter.

1) ARTISANA COCONUT BUTTER is the first thing i’m loving right now! HOLY YUM!! My awesome nutritionist gave me a few of these samples and i’m in love. I’ve mixed this one into morning oats, enjoyed on a banana like I did tonight, and even eaten plain. The best thing is the portion control. I’ve enjoyed this lil jar six or seven times so far and the ENTIRE jar is only 93 calories and 9 grams of fat according to the label. I would love more of these sample jars so I may review the whole line in case anyone from Artisana is reading this! 🙂

After wearing my ultra light Aasics out while training for two half marathons I knew it was time for some new shoes. While many people don’t love Nike for distance training I love them because they are soft, light, and super cushiony. I’m willing to buy new shoes every 250 miles versus 400 if it means enjoying every step. I also am not going to lie- I love the pink! I found these shoes, adorable shorts, and top on sale at Road Runner Sports this week and even enjoyed free shipping! Maybe these will incent me to run outside in the crazy weather this weekend down in Savannah and then back up here in NYC versus the dreadmill!
I can’t review the products yet as I should probably receive them when we’re down South but I’m so stinking excited I can’t contain it! I’m not a huge fan of the current protein powder we purchased- a 2lb container to boot- since it was on sale on Amazon. It is very blah. We bought Research Proven Designer Whey in Vanilla hoping it’d be a yummy french vanilla but really it just tastes like odd water and is not thick at all! Maybe i’ll hide Jay Robb at work and not even let Bo know we received it so he’ll finish the 2lb container. Or, this is when I could get over my frugality issues and let us throw it away since we don’t like it and just enjoy the amazing JAY ROBB COUPON that they have allowed me to share with readers! The code is BLOGJ9HHB and is redeemable on orders of all Jay Robb products purchased directly from Jay Robb Enterprises (via phone or at The code coupon is attached and is valid though July 7, 2009.


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An expensive addiction…

I still can’t believe it. My fiance has a new addiction and it’s 100% healthy and something i’ve been trying to introduce to him for over a year. His $1.99 a day addiction is Fage 0% Plain. Since cutting back on caffeine, artificial foods, and processed foods over the last week he realized he wanted something delicious and protein rich for a mid morning snack or afternoon treat. He has one of these bad boys each day mixed with 1 packet of stevia and some fresh berries. I can’t believe this guy is my fiance! His favorite things about Fage are its’ dense, rich, and creamy texture. He didn’t believe that it was healthy or low fat until he looked at the label because it tasted more like cream. Furthermore, it makes a great afternoon or morning snack due to its high protein content. I’ve started enjoying this for a breakfast alternative with ground flax seeds, berries, and stevia.

This weekend we decided to try Fage in some other ways such as a mayonaise alternative in tuna and chicken salads or as sour cream in Mexican dishes. Sunday we decided to test it with a healthier version of tuna salad.


Healthier Tuna Salad 

Makes 4 servings

A low-fat/high protein tuna salad using non-fat yogurt.


10 oz. solid white albacore tuna
2 oz (1/4 cup) Fage 0% Greek Plain Yogurt
1 tbsp mayonnaise (Hellmann’s)
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/4 cup chopped green onions
1/2 tsp seasoned salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tbsp chopped dill
1 tbsp chopped cilantro


Mix all ingredients together. Season with pepper to taste.

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