Moving weekend Part 1 and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Good morning!!

This weekend has been an exhausting whirlwind and it’s not even over! On Friday, Bo and I signed our lease for our new apartment on Long Island City! This is exciting for so many reasons but first and foremost because this is our first place together. Bo and I have been together for 5.5 years and one of the biggest hurdles has been balancing two apartments through college and the work world. Last night we both realized that we feel this will relieve us of the largest stress in our life! It’s wonderful to finally create a home together. Initially, I was very against living together before marriage but over the years i’ve realized that life is a balance and sometimes things are better in different ways than you ever imagined. It was actually my parents who changed my mind as they helped me realize how much money we’d save, that it would give us an opportunity to become even closer, and simplify our lives. Without further ado, I give you the pictures from Friday. Our apartment is on the 25th floor and we were so blessed to find it on Craigslist. We knew we wanted to live in this development but they did not have an apartment with a deck open until July. When we settled on the location I typed the address in Craigslist everyday until something matched! It required us to act very quickly (think getting $7000 together in 48 hours) but is definitely worth it! The apartment has a porch that is large enough for 2 chairs and a small table, South facing (Manhattan) floor to celing windows in the living room, amazing closet space, and a high end kitchen. I can’t wait to take pictures throughout our process so you all can watch the evolution of white walls and parquet (what is up with that in NYC!?) to warm tones that will be an inviting space for all our friends and family!

Oh, and the most exciting thing about our new apartment? We will be neighbors with Melissa!!!
Okay, I have to get back to packing boxes as I have a long list of things I need to accomplish before Bo gets home. Bo is running the largest 10 miler in the world today. I was supposed to run with him but a twist of fate made it only possible for him to run. We’ve been so busy that we kept procrastinating and forgot to register. We didn’t worry because this race is famous for not capping. Well this year they decided to cap at 26,000 so we lost our chance to run. Bo has been doing a great deal of speed training lately and was really excited about setting a new personal record so I was able to find one bib for him to use. My friend Bonnie had backed out earlier in the race. So, Bo will be running as Bonnie whose goal pace is an 11 minute mile. He was going to try and be a renegade runner and move corrals but we’ll see how that goes! If he is able to make his goal of keeping an 8 minute mile that will be so exciting!! It’s amazing how things work though because after last Sunday’s Central Park half marathon I wasn’t really too excited about the 10 miler, nor was my body. This works out perfectly as I’m getting two days of awesome workouts from packing and moving (STAIRS!) but can focus this week on Phsyique and speed work. We have the NYRR Mother’s Day 4 miler on Sunday and my goal is to improve my time from my last NYRR 4 miler which means averaging a 9:54 or less pace! I CAN DO IT!!!
Here is a picture of us after last year’s Broad Street 10 miler! 🙂

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Fun Photo Friday (Thanks Chic Runner)

Due to popular demand and a bit of inspiration from the amazing Chic Runner I’ve decided to make this afternoon’s post a photo post of the two bears through the years. Enjoy!

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A few wise words from Scarlett Johansson

Since we’ve been together, Scarlett Johansson has always topped Bo’s “list” (remember on Friends when Ross and Rachel each had a list?). In terms of looks, she’s pretty much my opposite. She normally is seen sporting gorgeous strawberry blonde locks, is 5’3, and has a true feminine build complete with curves and lucious lips. But, when it comes to her views on stars and weight loss we’re on the same wave length. This article, while quite short, speaks volumes and I highly suggest it. How refreshing is it to hear that even with all the personal trainers in the world getting in “spandex shape” is never easy.

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