Thank you Foodbuzz for an amazing evening and thank you David for the amazing gastronomic pleasure feast

I’m enjoying the last bit of the evening relaxing with Bo and therefore will wait until tomorrow to add details to these pictures. But, for now i’ll give you a sneak peek into the amazing evening I enjoyed with Val, Sarah, Missy, Mel, and Sarah just to name a few! Thank you Foodbuzz for a truly enjoyable event and congratulations!

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All natural, organic, wholesome bites have stolen my heart!

Bo better watch out because i’ve found a new love. If my new boyfriend, Mr. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat from O’Cookies, needed a classified ad it would read something like this:

“Chewy, all natural, tender, health nut guy craving a healthy gal with a cool glass of milk.”
I am so excited to tell you all about O’Cookies because I really can’t say enough wonderful things about their products! Started by two sisters, Erin and Meghann O’Leary, the company prides itself in the fact that all cookies produced are completely organic and low in fat and cholesterol. In addition, they have no trans fats or hydrogenated oils.

On their website they describe the product as such:

“Only the highest-quality chocolates and naturally dried fruits are used. Our cookies are made with a whole wheat flour blend for optimal health, unrefined sugars and egg whites only. Very little butter is used along with fruits that keep O’Cookies down in the fat and cholesterol content and only contain “good for you” calories to get you through your day and satisfy that hungering for something sweet.”
How can you not love a company who is owned by two sisters who seem like they’d be the perfect coffee or workout pals?
Bo and I were very hesitant when the package arrived as we weren’t sure whether they would still taste fresh and actually answer our sweet cravings. Bo normally steers clear of healthy alternatives to sweets and instead has sweets only once in a while whearas I am always open to alternatives and options. Our package included two flavors, White Choclate Cranberry Oat and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat. Both flavors were tiny (4 of them equal the size of a normal NYC bakery cookie) but absolutely delicious.

My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat as it tastes like a healthy Reese’s cookie but includes only 11 ingredients all of which are easily pronounced and organic! I loved that the first three ingredients were whole wheat flour, oats, and dired prunes! The texture and flavor depth is also something that you don’t encounter an your average cookie. I unfortunately ate four little cookies a bit too quickly which could possibly be their only downside.

The company features five different flavors on their website and I think they would make the perfect birthday, thank you, or hostess gift at only $15 per dozen. In addition, the box is adorably wrapped and stuffed!
Hop on over to their site and order some for yourself.
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Cooking Light finally gets it right and don’t forget to help sponsor NHerShoes!

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$95.35 Raised so far people are so generous! We only need to raise $25 more!
Thank you!!!




 Yes, I know, you all are jealous of my amazing hair and outfit choices for this picture! I mean really, how could you not be? Who else sports air dried ponytail hair and a NYRR race tshirt that is two sizes too big at 8pm? For six more weeks, this is my daily wardrobe as I work from home four days a week in my current role! 

But, enough babble and onto the amazing recipe! Bo and I have always been hesitant of Cooking Light recipes as they seldom have enough flavor. Last night when I was planning our weekly menu and grocery list, I decided to give CL another chance and peruse this month’s issue for inspiration. Bo had requested a fish dish tonight so I quickly flipped to one of Cooking Light’s best features- their index in the back that is sorted by dish and protein! I quickly found a recipe that combined plenty of herbs, a healthy pesto, and green beans! Tonight’s dish was grilled halibut with three pepper relish with haricots verts salad . I made on adjustment and used tilapia instead of halibut as I couldn’t stomach the price of halibut that didn’t look incredible. You can often substitute tilapia for any white fish in a recipe if you need to cut costs. But, make sure you adjust the cooking time as tilapia is thinner than most other white fish. Bo and I absolutely LOVED this recipe and would make it again in a heart beat. It wasn’t that difficult either though there was quite a bit of prep involved. But, from start to finish it took only an hour!


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