Breakfast and morning workout

Good morning!

Sorry for the late post but work has been killer this morning! When my alarm went of at 5:45 this morning I could barely get out of bed. Youch! It was a good pain though as I could tell I worked my body during class last night. I agree with Melissa that stretching could be longer at Physique so I think i’ll just make sure to stretch an extra 5-10 minutes after class. I do think the 1.5 mile walk each way to and from the studio helps get the blood moving and loosen up the muscles. After downing a slice of light wheat bread with some all natural almond butter (less than a Tbsp) I headed down to the Wall Street NYSC. I really like this location because it isn’t too busy and has a TON of treadmills unlike some of the uptown locations which are always smelly and cramped. In addition the architecture and woodwork inside is unreal! Luckily I read Caitlin’s post about running inspiration and hopped on the treadmill telling myself I had to do at least 1 mile before I could head to the elliptical. At this point I KNEW 10 miles was out of the question but the 3 miles I did felt great! I did an easy 3 miles in 30 minutes, 15 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minutes with the foam roller, and then 20 minutes of arms from the Oxygen issue:

Barbell Bench Press 4 sets of 6 reps 40 lbs

Standing Shoulder raise 4 sets of 6 reps 17.5 lb weights each nad

Tricep Rope Pressdown 4 sets of 20 reps 30 lbs

Tricep dips: 3 sets of 20

Pushups: 18 standard pushups on toes

This mornings breakfast was the same as yesterday per the plan: 3/4 c oats, 1.5 c water, cinnamon, and a sliced banana. I also added the suggested supplements today per the plan and am anxious to see if I notice a difference over the next few weeks (Fish Oil, Womens Multivitamin, Folic Acid, and Amino Acid Complex)

Work is crazy busy today and I really, really need to do 10 miles tomorrow. Therefore, my plan is to do a 20 minute stretching yoga session and abs later this evening to breakup the work monotony.

Finally, don’t forget to head over to Bobbi’s rocking site to not only receive lots of inspiration but also try for a great Danskin jacket!

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Physique 57 Review


What a great afternoon! I left the apartment at 5pm shortly after having my afternoon snack of celery and almond butter. I decided to walk the 1.5 miles to Physique 57 (Spring Street- view from outside the studio is the picture at left) since the rain had finally stopped and i’d been sitting all day at my desk. I love that i’ve become familiar enough with the Financial/Tribeca/Soho areas that I can weave in between the different streets, take favorite streets, and avoid the trashy areas! I arrived at Physique with a few minutes to spare and took this time to speak with the receptionist about the best packages available. I signed up for the Newcomer’s Month Unlimited package today which will allow me to take as many classes as i’d like between April 6th and May 6th. My goal is to average 3 classes per week during this time period. Then, come May 6th, if i’m still enjoying the classes, have seen results, etc I’ll sign up for another package. The best thing about having a package is being able to use their website for booking classes. It is so much easier than having to call each time. Therefore, I easily booked 9 classes including Wed, Friday, and Sunday this week. Dori ( and I are catching the afternoon beginner class at the 57th Street studio Sunday if anyone is interested!
Okay, so back to the review, tonight’s class was a bit different than my last experience which was a Friday 5-6pm class. Tonight’s class was filled with a mix of people from women my mother’s age to girls who looked like they had just finished watching High School Musical 2! The Lululemon was still worn by almost everyone but everyone was very friendly. I wore my Nike capri pants, nike running long sports bra/tank, and aasics socks tonight and felt very comfortable. Tonight’s instructor was Sherri and she was just as great as Kimberly was last week. Both of them are very attentive, correct positions during the entire class, and keep you focused on the prize. After tonight’s class i’m still in love- that is for sure. I quivered like i’ve never quivered but I made it through the whole class and once again loved that I truly felt different body parts being worked the ENTIRE 57 minutes of class and that you stretch after each muscle group so you are able to lengthen and tone! In addition, since this was my second class, I had a better idea of what move was coming next, etc. It was the first workout in ages (class wise) where I was using my muscles and feeling the burn the whole time but really, really enjoyed it as well! The music was amazing and we heard everything from Circus to Ludacris to John Mayer! Also, it is super importnant to do a beginner class for the first 5-10 visits and DO NOT DO an open class. I spoke with the instructor at length about this and she said the open and intermediate classes go A LOT faster and have fewer breaks. I will definitely be sticking to all beginner classes this month. I’d rather perfect my for
m before moving on to anything else.
After class, I walked a mile to the Tribeca Whole Foods to buy the fish for tonight’s dinner that the fiance forgot last night. By the time I got home it was 8pm and I was famished! But, dinner was amazing and once again satiated me wonderfully and left me wanting nothing else- other than bed! 🙂 Tonight’s dinner followed the plan and included 6 oz Tilapia, 1 c asparagus (how do you measure asparagus in cups??), zucchini, a salad, and some yummy berries.
Now i’m about to crawl in bed and hope that a good night’s rest has me prepared for my 10 miler tomorrow morning. I feel like it’s probably going to be on the dreadmill since this weather is not cooperating. Winter weather is definitely something I dislike about spring half marathons! Boo!!
Things i’m looking forward to this week:
-Saturday’s NYRR Scotland 10k to look forward to so I hope the weather behaves.
-Saturday night’s Tasting Menu specially created for us at Duane Park (ask and you shall receive is the lesson learned there)
-Physique Wed, Friday, and Sunday
-Easter service Sunday morning followed by Easter dinner cooked with the fiance that night
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Lunch and some awesome treats and giveaways!

Okay, so far i’m loving this meal plan. While I wasn’t hungry at 10:30 I followed their guidance and had my apple anyway. Then at 1pm I enjoyed a WONDERFUL lunch. It’s amazing how tasty a diversion is sometimes. I wasn’t feeling content lately after my lunchtime salads. This lunch left me satiated, quite full, and happy. 🙂 My plan is to eat my afternoon snack around 4:30 so it will hold me over through Physique at 6pm.

For now, i’ve figured out how to upload pics from my dingy camera phone. I PROMISE that i’ll buy a new charger soon. No one out there has an extra charger for a Cannon SD-540 do they? 🙂



Meghann’s Bake Sale:
Personally I think the macroons and mock Tagalongs and Samoas look amazing! But, don’t take my word for it, bid on some yourself!!

Fitness NYC’s Upgrade Your Chew Contest: ENDS TODAY! Hop on over here to submit your food that you’d like Melissa to upgrade so you can enjoy it more often. My request was a chicken parm/italian recipe that tastes delicious but is also better for me than the typical recipe.

The awesome and ever inspiring runner, Run to the Finish, is having another awesome giveaway! This time it’s compression items from McDavid USA!

Love Fage? Tell the Healthy Yogini all about your favorite Fage product and get entered to win!

Phew, I think that is it for now but i’m sure there will be more giveaways by the end of the day! 🙂

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