Monday morning soreness and contests

This morning started off slowly as I could barely crawl out of bed. The past few days of Phyisque 57 (2x) and the 10K Scotland Run in Central Park definitely caught up with me. But, because I knew I wanted to start this week off on the right foot I headed to NYSC first thing for an easy workout. I did 30 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then 10 minutes of stretching and abs. It wasn’t a record workout (HRM said 425) but it met my needs and got me moving. Today is jam packed with work but I wanted to give you all some great giveaways to enter:

Meloncauliflower’s Awesom Barney Butter Giveaway
Expanding’s Pistachio Giveaway!
Yogini’s Fage Giveaway

Good luck!!

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Southern flavors in southern Manhattan

As any gourmet knows, the only format through which a chef / restaurant can really show their skills is a multi-course tasting menu. However, unless you are related to a duke, you most likely can’t afford to frequent Per Se, Gilt (this is where the bears dined the night they decided to be bears together forever – we’ll tell that story at some point) or Le Bernardin. The solution to this problem simply requires some initiative. Last week, in search of an affordable tasting menu, we inquired about the possibility of creating one even though not included on the standard menu. While we were shot down at a few spots, Duane Park in TriBeCa was happy to oblige us (5 courses for only $58.00 per person plus $27.50 for wine pairings). Although the restaurant was not packed when we arrived at eight (we are still getting used to the fact that New York keeps the same hours as Barcelona (dinner doesn’t begin till ten and lasts till one)) it quickly filled with patrons. After some slight confusion with regard to our previously arranged tasting menu, the service was great and the Southern influenced New American selections greatly pleased our palates. I highly recommend the quail appetizer served over black-eyed peas and the Cajun influenced bouillabaisse. While the food did not quite reach the level of Elizabeth’s on 37th Street (our favorite southern New American in the world located in Savannah, GA) the overall experience was wonderful and we look forward to returning to their weekly late-night jazz and burlesque show on Friday night.

Our review: A Bear

P.S. – This place had to be great as the chef and I share the same name.

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There is a new hoe in my Spring garden

The other night, Bo and I decided that it was a better idea to explore SoHo and eat dinner out instead of rushing home to cook dinner before Phantom. We took this opportunity to visit Peanut Butter & Co and then discover a new bar. We stumbled upon Bar 108 in SoHo. Bar 108 was your typical chill bar that had amazing music, flat screen televisions featuring the Masters, and delicious sesame seed wheat pretzels. Our waitress tried to convince us that since they had wheat in them they were healthy. 🙂 It was at this bar that I discovered a new love.

Now understand, Bo is a beer snob. A PBR has not his lips ever- even in high school! He has always been that one weird guy who would bring imported or craft brews to share at a party. While I could spend hours in Whole Food’s grocery section, Bo spends at least 15 minutes in front of the beer planogram EVEN if he isn’t buying anything. You name it- chocolate beer, quadruple IPA, or home brew he has tried it. For years i’ve been “that girl” who makes Bo hang his head in shame when we walk into any respectable bar or pub and requests a Mich Ultra. I mean come on, one has to watch his or her calories!

After a day of adventures including Roosevelt Island (freaky and NO we are not moving there), Long Island City apartment hunting, running errands, and traversing through the city for four hours running errands I was ready for another adventure. I justified any caloric difference with all the activity we had done and quickly asked Bo for a “light refreshing beer” that would not be hoppy or heavy. The waitress brought out a divine glass of Hoegaarden complete with an orange slice. It was love at first sip. This was better than any other beer i’d enjoyed previously including Blue Moon! Even more, I actually enjoyed and savored the beer. During the hour that we watched the Masters and talked, I only had one beer. Normally I would have had at least 2 Mich Ultras.

I highly recommend this beer especially if you’re looking for a lighter tasting beer that is actually on tap most places. It’s a great addition to any spring or summer wardrobe!
My review:
Bar 108: It will definitely be a bear once their kitchen opens later this year
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