I’m leaving on a jet plane….and lunch on the run

Okay, I have 3 hours until I have to head to the airport and i’m already in the office prepping for my meeting. Today I find out what the next few years will hold job wise! YIKES!

Anyway, on to my lunch on the run! Sometimes you just crave veggies, have to clean out your fridge in preparation for a trip, and have to scoot quickly. That is when my favorite tool, the gallon ziplock bag, comes into play! Today’s lunch was as follows, i kid you not:

1 bag baby bibb lettuce
1/4 bag coleslaw cabbage
15 cherry tomatoes
1/2 c cottage cheese
a few olives
1/8 bag broccoli shreds n carrots
2 tbsp Trader Joes light goat cheese n pear dressing (AMAZING)

Combine all in Ziplock, seal, shake, grab a fork and GO! In addition I grabbed a lil bag of Fiber One and a yogurt to eat either at the office or airport.

I’m sad that I am dashing so quickly and doubt i’ll have a pc down in Charleston. But, upon my return i’ll talk about the joys that were my Maid of HOnor’s bachelorette weekend, review Physique 57, and talk about my Philadelphia/NYC life!!

Until next time….have a happier, healthier day and weekend!

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Good morning and a question for the established bloggers

The good thing about living by yourself is that you can go to bed anytime you want and stay up as late as you want. Last night was the first time in ages that i’ve stayed up reading in bed. But, my eyelids didn’t thank me this morning as I woke up after only five hours of sleep feeling puffy, exhausted, and lacking energy. At least it is my rest day today so I didn’t have to head off to the gym. But, with a girl’s beach weekend in Charleston beginning this afternoon I’m a little upset with the puffy, exhausted feeling. Why do we do this to ourselves? We know we should be doing something else but we do the enjoyable thing anyway and pay for it later. *sigh*

Okay, today begins with what has quickly become my favorite meal of the day! I’ve only been eating oats for about a year now and I discovered them through http://www.katheats.com/ which is where I believe many people first discover creative oats. I have fallen in love with pumpkin oats because they keep me full so long and provide lots of great nutrients. But, this morning, in an attempt to finish the “Great American Eatdown” (yes, when times were rough growing up our family would do this to save money by eating everything in our pantry/fridge instead of going to the grocery store. Imagine beans & franks casserole, tuna salads, cereal night, etc.) So, this morning i’m enjoying another favorite- apple, banana cinnamon oats.

1/2 c oats (healthy carbs)
3/4 c water
3 egg whites (I save money by buying eggs vs egg white cartons) (protein)
cinnamon (flavor)
1/2 banana sliced (fruit/nutrients)
1/2 small apple diced (fruit/nutrients/fiber)
splash of vanilla (flavor)
1 serving PB2 (2 tbsp)

I have only recently discovered stove top oats! Oh my gosh they make all the difference in the world. My oats are creamier and more delicious than ever! It also allows the PB2 to melt through the oats. Unless I have to make breakfast at the office I now use the stovetop everyday for my oats. If you haven’t tried it or think it’ll take too long I suggest you try it at least once. Hey, it’s better than losing your breakfast due to an explosion in the microwave.

Today is going to be a crazy day as i’m trying to get ahead with work since tomorrow is a vacation day, pack for 3 days in Isle of Palms/Charleston, pack for 9 days in NYC, and still remember to pay all my bills, etc and make it to the office by 1:30pm for a meeting! Oh yes, I guess in my lunch post i’ll explain my weird living situation as that will help you better understand my life right now.

Question for established blog ladies:

What is the best tool/setting/option you have on your blog?

Until then, I hope you have a healthier, happier day!

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A healthier, happier bear eh?


A healthier, happier bear eh? What is that all about you ask? Well, for over a year, my fiance and I have had endearing nicknames for each other consisting of bear and salmon. If you’re in a good mood and pleasant then you’re a bear. But, if you’re in a bad mood then you’re a salmon. I know, we’re 25 years old, and we talk about bears and salmon. 🙂 The best part was when our two best friends, Scott and Amy, found out. Combine a night of drinking, four best friends, and letting a huge inside joke out of the bag and you get quite a night.

But, enough about the nickname, now I’ll explain the title. As I embark on my final seven months of single life before marrying my best friend on November 21, 2009 I want to make sure i’m the happiest and healthiest possible. I believe this happens by focusing on putting the healthiest and most wholesome foods into my body and thinking of them as fuel. In addition, the more active I am the happier I am due to all the wonderful endorphins. So, my goal is to use this blog to track my journey towards a healthier and happier life while also learning more about my future home, NYC. I’ve quickly realized that this city is a wonderful resource for health and fitness! For now, the site will be without pictures unfortunately as my camera needs a new charger. But, soon, I promise there will be pictures!

So for now, i’m off to bed and excited for the accountability and support that this blog will provide.

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