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Hi! Ali here, from Ali On The Run (http://aliontherun.wordpress.com).

When Ashley asked me to write a guest post for her, I happily and immediately obliged. Then, when she asked me to write a guest post about “How to Dress For The Workplace,” I laughed.

Me, a style guru? Hardly. My outfit of choice is short-shorts, a way-too-bright tank top and running shoes.

I’ve never considered myself a fashionista or a trend-setter by any means. However I do enjoy shopping and buying nice things for myself. My closet isn’t huge, but I’ve learned to make smart purchases and only buy things I adore and see myself wearing regularly.

I recently started posting my daily outfits on my blog and the feedback has been awesome. Maybe I do know what I’m doing after all?

So let’s talk workplace wear, shall we?

I’m a magazine editor and I work in an office that’s 85% (ish) women, and pretty much anything goes here, style wise. Jeans are fine, dresses are fine, and one girl regularly shows up wearing grey leopard print leggings. I’m not kidding…

As for me, I’ve managed to find a few tips and tricks to dressing up daily.

  1. Invest in a good, dark-colored blazer. Try to find one that fits well, but if it doesn’t, spend the money to get it tailored. It’s amazing how a blazer can make an outfit go from sloppy to professional. I throw mine on over both jeans and dresses, and use it as a jacket in the springtime. Blazer_1 Blazer_2
  2. Yes, you can wear a button-down shirt. For a long time, I avoided button-downs. I’m, well, chesty—I never thought I’d find a shirt that would close over my boobs. One day, I found one at J.Crew and fell in love. Not only did it fit perfectly, I loved how it looked. You can wear button-downs with skinny jeans and boots for a casual look, or tuck it in with a belt for something that’s more pulled-together and professional. These wardrobe staples go with everything and are so versatile. ButtonDown_1 ButtonDown_2
  3. Buy dresses! I wear dresses almost every day. They’re so easy—you just put one on, pick some fun jewelry and you’re done. No mixing and matching, no fussing with fits. I definitely recommend buying high quality dresses. Sure they may cost a bit more, but they’ll also last longer and fit better. Dresses easily go from daytime to playtime, and can be worn bare-legged in the summer or with tights in the winter.  Dress_3Dress_1 Dress_2
  4. Wear what makes you happy. I’ve never considered myself a girl who adores pink, but lately I’ve been really into wearing bright, hot pink. It pops and it makes me smile. Find a color that you love and don’t worry about how it looks on you—instead focus on how it makes you feel. The other day I woke up feeling cranky. I put on a bright skirt and couldn’t help but feel perked up. Hot pink won’t cure cancer or create world peace, but it can make a sad girl feel a little happier. Sweater
  5. Pull it together. I had a revelation last summer. I was getting dressed for a nighttime work event and wasn’t sure what to wear. I needed to be dressy, but not too fancy. My first thought: a sequined skirt and a plain tank top. Sloppy_1 Ick, I thought at first. It just looked so…sloppy. I decided to tuck in the shirt and throw on a thick belt.  Instantly a little better! Sloppy_2 I still felt too uncovered to be around coworkers, so the last thing I did was resort back to the LBB (little black blazer). Suddenly, my once-lame combo was an ensemble!     Sloppy_3 (1)
  6. Be confident. Duh, right? You can make anything look good if you feel good in it. Don’t be afraid to try something new—it took me 25 years to try tucking in my shirts—and try on everything, even if it looks lame at the store.

Stop by my blog (http://aliontherun.com) anytime for more on the whim fashion advice!

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A Cathartic Experience..

When my alarm went off this morning I quickly silenced it and went back to bed. I was not trudging to the gym at 5:30 today. I would sleep until my body was ready to wake up and face the day. Deep inside, I knew it was time. Regardless how ready I thought I was and how hard her illness had been on my family, I wasn’t ready for to face the reality that my grandmother would most likely pas by morning.

I slept until 7:30 this morning still tired and sore from emotion. I just kept waiting for the phone call from my parents.

It never came.

Instead, while I was on the phone with my mother, over 1200 miles away, the nursing home called my home.

"She passed away this morning, peacefully, holding onto the bear your daughter gave her."

That is all I needed to know.

Still filled with emotions, yet unable to really talk about them, I packed my suitcase this morning and focused my attention on work. I avoided phone calls as I knew I couldn’t complete a single sentence. I worked from the comfort of my bed, emptying my inbox, responding to emails, and posting my out of office message.

Finally around 11 I realized I needed to get out of the house. I needed to see the sunshine and blue sky. I laced up my shoes, threw on a jacket, and ran.

IMG_0358I ran for 45 minutes, thinking about everything, waving at the people I passed, and cried. I cried the entire time, just letting the emotions go and the love for her flow. I thought about what I’ll say on Saturday at her memorial.  I remembered the last time I saw her.

IMG_0348I now understand what people mean when they say running is cathartic. Those 45 minutes were the best run I’ve ever experienced. I kept a 9:04 pace, far faster than normal, while breaking every traffic rule as I ran down the bike lane of 2nd Avenue towards SoHo.

She was with me, looking down on me, every step of the way. IMG_0357

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Greetings from the Doctor’s Office


After my run this afternoon, I realized I had 20 minutes to get ready for my trip. Oops! I was crazy rushed but luckily ended up putting together a half way decent travel outfit. I had no idea what our plans would be upon our arrival in Savannah so I needed something comfortable by presentable in case we were going to the church or dinner. 

IMG_0372 This outfit includes:

  • JCrew trouser khakis (I’m obsessed with these!)
  • JCrew long sleeve favorite tshirt
  • gold Tory Burch Reva flats
  • long pearl neckalce from JCrew outlet this weekend
  • white Marc Jacobs watch

One quick cab ride later, Bo and I showed up to this craziness at LaGuardia!

IMG_0359 IMG_0360 HOLY LINES! The families were out in full force today on their way to long weekend vacations in honor of the President’s Day weekend. Everyone was saying that they had never seen a

Luckily, we made it through the lines five minutes before our flight’s gate closed. I grabbed a quick salad to enjoy on the plan and then ran towards our gate.

IMG_0610We enjoyed lovely views leaving the city. The sky was crystal clear.

IMG_0363 IMG_0364 We each had aspirations of taking our mind off everything through a good book, but I spent most of my time sleeping instead. I only woke up once when this little guy barked.

IMG_0370Two hours later, I snapped this awesome pictures as we were landing. The sun was coming through the clouds as we broke cloud level.

IMG_0367My parents and papa picked us up at the airport. There were lots of hugs and small talk but overall people tried to keep their minds off the reason we were home. In fact, my dad decided that dropping Bo and I off at the orthopedic after hours was a good way to take our mind off of things. He needs a local doctor to see him tonight so he can hopefully get an MRI tomorrow or Friay.

IMG_0371 Lucky for me they have free internet! 🙂

I’ve lined up some great guest posts for the next few days as I’m not sure what my schedule is going to be like. I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you for all of your warm wishes, prayers, and support!

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