Winter Beach Walk on Tybee Island

Editor’s Note: If you participated in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K don’t forget to submit your times here and email me your pictures as we will be choosing winners by December 31st! Also, check out the photo album here

Yesterday was a wonderful recovery day in every sense of the word. We slept in until our bodies woke us up, we were in no hurry, and spent the day enjoying a lazy morning, long walk on the beach, a movie, and finally a homemade dinner!


I wanted something healthy and filling to start the day and there is nothing more simple than fruit and oats! My mom and I had to buy these fresh strawberries as soon as we saw them at Publix! They were on sale and delicious! I miss produce like this when I’m in New York!

001 Lunch

After helping Bo set up my dad’s new computer and sorting through our scuba gear, I was ready for lunch!


My mom and I used what she had in the fridge to make a Greek salad and enjoyed a new favorite crackers, Wheat Thin Garden Veggie.

010 012

After lunch I headed to the beach with my parents for a long walk. The weather was beautiful, around 60 degrees, and the sun was shining! We didn’t expect to have 20 mph winds blowing against us but luckily we all bundled up enough so that we weren’t miserable. This was the furthest my dad had “power walked” and I’m so proud of him! He kept up with us the entire time and even ran a few minutes with me towards the end!

It wouldn’t be an outing with my parents without some hilarious photo shoot fun.

013 014 015 026 028 030 035046 052055

054 057 058 060 After our walk we saw Mission Impossible with Bo. The movie was better than I expected and the best of the Mission Impossible movies that I’ve seen but I still really want to see Girl with A Dragon Tattoo and New Year’s Eve!


Last night, we prepared pork tenderloin two ways: simply spiced and brined and bacon wrapped brined.

We brined both the tenderloins in a salt water/vinegar mixture with some Williams and Sonoma Argentinean spice rub for four hours before grilling them. Our sides were orzo, apple sauce, and roasted root vegetables.

067 069 070072

Wow, I forgot how much I love grilled meat! Unfortunately, we can’t have a grill in our New York City apartment and therefore are limited to cast iron cooking which isn’t quite as easy as a gas grill.

Question: If you’ve been to New York City, what was your favorite sight, restaurant, or bar? My parents are coming in January for the fifth time and it’s hard to think of new things to see and do.

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A Busy Day at the Beach


IMG_4764 (640x478)

What can I say? The fresh air, long run, good food, and bocce games took it out of us.

After everyone finished their runs we made lunch and were entertained by our new guest, Isabelle. Isabelle is the second baby our group of girlfriends has had but she was the only one to make the trip down to the beach this weekend. She had more outfit changes than Brittney Spears and was the center of attention all day.

IMG_4725 (640x478)IMG_4730 (640x478)IMG_4731 (640x478)IMG_4732 (640x478)IMG_4734 (640x478)

My lunch was more delicious than normal as my hunger returned just in time.

IMG_4726 (478x640)

A turkey sandwich, complete with cheese, mustard, and Duke’s mayonnaise. On the side I enjoyed some pickles, Baked Lay’s Ruffles, and a Blue Moon Pumpkin beer.

After lunch our group split into two groups, the ESPN crowd and the beach crowd. Normally I would have been on the couch cheering for Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Notre Dame. But, since I’ve only had two beach weekends this summer the beach was my destination of choice yesterday.

These are the beverage choices of a long runner: a gallon of water and a beer.

IMG_4735 (640x478)

IMG_4741 (478x640)We were blessed with gorgeous weather again yesterday though the wind kept things too cool for swimsuits.

IMG_4737 (640x478)IMG_4739 (640x478)

After the Dawgs won the game the rest of the group came down to the beach for a game of Bocce.

IMG_4743 (640x478)

IMG_4747 (640x478)

IMG_4749 (640x478)

Bocce is the perfect beach game because it allows you to keep talking, hold a beer, and play all at the same time. The driftwood, shells, and soft sand made for a more challenging game than normal.

By dinner time everyone was ready for a big Low Country meal, a Low Country Boil. Also known as Beaufort Stew or Frogmore Stew, a Low Country Boil is, according to Coastal Living Magazine


Once called Frogmore Stew, this one-pot wonder was created by a National Guardsman when he needed to cook a meal for 100 soldiers. Richard Gay, who learned the recipe from his family, had everyone remembering his stew. The dish was later named Frogmore, where Richard was from, by the guards who teased him about home. The postal service eliminated the name Frogmore, which changed this popular dish to Low country boil.

This seafood dish is a combination of shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes. Great for relaxing trips to the beach, it is also easy to create for a crowd. Low country boil can be served on newspaper for easy clean up. Crab, onion, and butter are frequent additions to the pot, and having a removable drain basket only makes cooking easier. The rule of thumb here is the bigger the crowd, the bigger the pot.

IMG_4754 (640x478)

IMG_4750 (640x478)IMG_4752 (640x478)IMG_4753 (640x478)IMG_4756 (640x478)IMG_4759 (640x478)IMG_4761 (640x478)

It was delicious! What a wonderful day!

Question: What is your favorite food from your region of the United States?

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Toes in the Sand

IMG_4681 (640x478)

Life is good! I have reunited with my college sorority sisters and you’d never know that it’s been a year since we saw each other.

Robin, my fellow sorority sister who also lives north of Mason Dixie, met me at the Charleston Airport. We are staying at her family’s house on Edisto Island this weekend so I was happy to have an expert navigator next to me for the ride. She wasn’t too enthusiastic about the fact that it’d been months NOT days since I last drove. Oh well, our tiny little car did a great job of getting us to Edisto Island and was a great deal on Priceline!

IMG_4665 (640x478)

Luckily, Google Maps found our favorite grocery store only 1 mile off our path.

IMG_4667 (640x478)

Thirty minutes later we filled a grocery cart with all the weekend necessities: beer, bananas, peanut butter, and bread. We did a great job snagging deals and taking advantage of every coupon we saw on an aisle!

IMG_4668 (640x478)

Look what else we found- pumpkin beer!

IMG_4669 (640x478)

By the time we finished grocery shopping we were starving and craving a Publix sub!

IMG_4670 (640x478)

A Publix sandwich truly puts Subway to shame! Their ingredients are super fresh, made to order, and they use Boar’s Head meat!

IMG_4672 (640x478)

I enjoyed a five grain sub with turkey, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles, olives, and mustard.

Look what else we passed on our way to the beach!

IMG_4673 (640x478)

If I’d taken Highway 17 I could have been in Savannah in an hour and a half. Good thing I’m going down there next weekend!

Finally, an hour later, we were at our beachside destination.

IMG_4674 (640x478)

IMG_4676 (640x478)

Robin’s family rents this house out throughout the year so we were appreciative they shared it with us on a rare free weekend.

IMG_4677 (640x478)

We unloaded the car in record time because the beach was calling our name.

IMG_4678 (640x478)

IMG_4679 (640x478)

IMG_4680 (640x478)

Our beach is on the sound side of the island where the Edisto River meets the Atlantic.

IMG_4681 (640x478)

Our feet were in the sand, the beer was cold, and the gossip and conversation flowed easily. There was no where else I wanted to be in that moment!

IMG_4685 (640x480)

IMG_4682 (640x478)

IMG_4686 (640x478)

As the clouds rolled in we took the signal as time to head back to the house in order to prepare dinner. Grilled hamburgers, vegetables, pasta salad, and salad are on the menu with a side of delicious baked goods and beer! I think I’ll be wonderfully fueled for tomorrow’s 20 miler!

IMG_4689 (640x478)IMG_4688 (640x478)

IMG_4690 (640x478)

IMG_4692 (640x478)

We’ve decided that cooking at a beach house is always an adventure. You don’t know where any of the utensils and ingredients are, the appliances aren’t used very often, and there are surprises around every corner and in every locked cabinet!

IMG_4693 (640x478)

We figured out where the liquor cabinet was by unlocking every locked cabinet! I’ll definitely be enjoying that tomorrow night. But, for now I’m going to ensure that everything is prepared for my run, hang out with the ladies, and enjoy the delicious food!

Have a great night!

Question: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

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