Friday Favorites & A Giveaway – June 16th, 2017

Happy Friday! Today is supposed to be my last day of work before beginning maternity leave but if Baby Girl Diamond decides to take her time, I’ll be working and blogging next week until her arrival. I have a few more posts that I am working on unrelated to the baby such as my Savannah and Brooklyn recommendations and a virtual coffee date where I share some of the things on my mind as well as some of our plans post baby. Until then, I’m trying to stay busy with work, some last minute errands, and workouts. I am skipping today’s Orangetheory workout since it is a very fast-paced tornado workout and opting for prenatal pilates and swimming instead.

We may get to participate in our first neighborhood block party as tomorrow our street is being transformed into a block party complete with bounce houses, face painting and more! A popular Brooklyn tradition, we are looking forward to meeting more of our neighbors if Baby Girl Diamond is still nice and cozy. Otherwise, the weekend should be pretty relaxed as things are growing pretty uncomfortable these days. Since there is very little space left for her I have a dull, constant pain in the back of my right ribs and am having a hard time sitting in chairs.

Now, let’s dive into this week’s edition of Friday Favorites, including recipes, articles, posts and other things that caught my eye this week as well as a GIVEAWAY!


  • I loved Slightly South of Simple and finished it within 24-hours this week. If you’re looking for a fun, Southern read this is a great option. Now, I just hope that she releases the next books in the series sooner versus later.


  • After seeing many friends and fellow bloggers rave about Banza pasta, I picked some up at Whole Foods last week. This will definitely be a staple in our house moving forward as Bo and I were both very impressed with the flavor and consistency of the Banza Rotini chickpea pasta. The nutritional stats are pretty impressive as one serving includes 14 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber!
  • We paired the pasta with our favorite, store-bought pasta sauce – Rao’s Garden Vegetable Sauce. I love that this chunky sauce has actual chunks of mushrooms, peppers, and onions and only has 3 grams of sugar which is far less than other store-bought sauces.
  • If you love potato salad, this Serious Eats German Potato Salad recipe was easy to make, delicious and kept perfectly as leftovers!
  • If you are like me and love creamy popsicles versus icy, fruit ones then these Whole Foods 365 Everyday Organic Greek Yogurt Strawberry Dessert Bars are a perfect freezer staple. Now, if only they had more flavors than just blueberry and strawberry.

Beauty & Fashion

  • A few weeks ago my friends at Brooks sent me the new Women’s Glycerin 15 to enjoy in my new, pregnancy shoe size 11. While I typically don’t run in the Glycerin, these have felt like walking on clouds during the past few weeks of workouts, errands, and walks.  The super soft cushioning has provided my sore, swollen feet with some much-needed support and cushioning while the air mesh and stretchy fabric kept my feet comfortable during this week’s heat wave.
  • I know that elastic will be my best friend this Summer so what better time to invest in Lilly Pulitzer’s Kat Shorts? I ordered two pairs of these this week and can’t wait to wear them all Summer long!
  • Because I’m nothing if not reliable, I couldn’t order just one thing from Lilly Pulitzer so I may have added the Essie Top in my cart at the same time. The fun colors and forgiving fit will bring some life to this exhausted momma.
  • I can rarely find Jack Rogers on sale in colors that I love but this metallic pair are 33% off and gorgeous!


  • As you guys know, I’m having a pretty horrible time with melasma aka pregnancy mask. My favorite foundation no longer matches my skin tone and while I hate to spend money on buying a new foundation, I think I may have to go to Sephora this afternoon. This round-up features the best foundations for melasma, many of which are paraben free and have SPF!
  • If you’re pregnant and still finalizing your registry, a number of friends recommended the Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer. We were debating between a number of them including the one that is made by our stroller company but in the end, we figure if more than 50 friends and local moms recommend this one it will definitely work.
  • Experiencing pregnancy pains? Find it impossible to get comfortable in a regular chair? A local mom gave me her large, exercise ball today and it has provided INSTANT relief for my rib cage pain and pelvic discomfort. Why didn’t I get one weeks ago?

GIVEAWAY ENDED — WINNER IS Congratulations! 


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and instead is a list of the things of my favorite things this week. As normal, it includes lots of beauty and fashion items which means there are a few affiliate links via ShopStyle. It takes time and money to maintain a blog so I thank you for the support and few cents that come from clicking through the links!

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My Running Inspiration

Good morning and Happy Monday! Today’s guest post is sponsored by my friends at Brooks and will inspire you to get out and log a workout, regardless your schedule as today’s post is seriously inspirational! Last month, Brooks allowed us the opportunity to gift a runner in our life a head-to-toe outfit as thanks for their constant inspiration. As soon as I read the email request, I knew that I wanted to thank one of my biggest running inspirations for all her support this year. Meggie Smith is the Chief OB-GYN Resident at NYU as well as an avid runner and huge supporter and advocate in the NYC health and wellness scene. Since Bo and I started our journey to parenthood, Meggie has been a text, email or phone call away to answer questions and offer her support. When she isn’t working crazy hours at the hospital, she can be found running through the streets of New York.

Now, I’ll turn it over to Meggie to share her story!


My name is Meggie and I’m an OB/GYN resident (for a few more weeks, at least!) with a fairly serious exercise habit.

While I like to spin, go to Flex Pilates, lift, and box (at Shadowbox – shout out!), but my heart really belongs to running!

Running and I didn’t always have a love affair. As a collegiate tennis player, I loathed even the short jog we did as a warm up. However, as a first year medical student, I decided to have a go at this “running thing.” And, after one cold February five miler later with my former teammate… I was hooked!


Like most new runners, I went through the “honeymoon” phase of continual improvement. Running longer distances and faster paces fueled me to aim for more. I tend to get slightly over zealous with hobbies, and running was no exception. I hired a coach, bought a Garmin, and “got serious,” at least for an amateur, everyday runner.

Thereafter, running and I went through some ups and downs – the attached to my Garmin phase, the “every race that isn’t a PR is a disaster” phase, the marathon phase, the #5Krevolution phase, and everything in between.

It wasn’t until I became a busy OB/GYN resident and dropped any training plans and race expectations that I truly learned to run happy. The fatigue and emotional strain from working 80 hours a week in a high pressure job left me little to no emotional energy to worry about running (other than where to fit it in during the day!).  Running, I found, became the gift I gave to myself. Through the rain and shine of residency, running has been that constant sunny day in an otherwise fairly overwhelming time in my life.

A lot of people ask my how I run with the demands of my job. The answer is really simple – running is the best part of my day, hands down. I like to say there’s not problem or bad mood that I can’t fix on a five mile run (and it is always better with a friend)!

I love how “run happy” is at the core of Brooks’ mission. And, I was thrilled when Ashley asked if I wanted to try some Brooks’ gear!


I am truly obsessed with the Launch 4 shoes! I’ve never run in any of Brooks’ shoes, so I had no idea what to expect. This shoe is light and responsive, but feels sturdy enough for the long haul.  I also love the Fremont running tank as its light, airy, and will be great for summer running!

As I prepare for a big move across the country (hello, California!), I know that running will continue to be my trusty sidekick through thick and thin. It is through running – and, moreover, running happy – that I’m able to face all the challenges life my day may bring. Running isn’t just something I do; it is now a part of who I am. May there be many more happy miles!

A huge thank you to Ashley and Brooks for letting my try some new gear. Just like that first 5 miler, I’m hooked!

If you want to hear more of Meggie’s story, check out her appearance on the Ali on the Run Podcast last week!

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Friday Favorites–May 5th 2017

rainy  bk


Yup, this is what it looks like in New York City today – rain, rain and more rain. I guess even May showers will bring May flowers?

Did this week drag by SO slowly for anyone else?  Now that Friday has arrived, I’m ready to relax big time this weekend. I pushed myself a little harder than expected this week between workout dates, some work projects and nesting. Luckily, this weekend is starting with a fun massage and Target shopping trip with Heather this evening, relaxing at home with Bo tonight and then very few plans for the rest of the weekend other then our friend’s annual Kentucky Derby party tomorrow night. I have no idea what I’m wearing but hopefully one of my stretchy maxi dresses can work for the occasion. We are supposed to have a rainy weekend here in Brooklyn which means I’ll have to delay some of my gardening plans and errands. Oh well, just another excuse to relax, slow down and spend some time reading.  

Now, let’s dive into this week’s edition of Friday Favorites, including recipes, articles, posts and other things that caught my eye this week.

  • Two of my dear friends have had a very tough few months and I find myself often at a loss for words when I talk with them. Asking them “how are you doing” seems so silly  when I know that life sucks right now. Thankfully this article by Shery Sandberg helped me better understand how to talk with grieving friends and reminded me that ignoring their grief isn’t the right choice. Has anyone read her new book, Option B?
  • When Bo and I were in Savannah we went to Publix one afternoon to pick up Publix subs for lunch. Since I can’t go in a grocery store without perusing the aisles, we walked out with our sub sandwiches and two bags worth of things that we hadn’t seen in New York. These Dark Chocolate Blue Diamond Natural Roasted Almonds  have become one of my favorite afternoon snacks since that grocery trip. Luckily, I discovered that I can order these and the rest of their flavors online!
  • When I work from home I love to light a candle and listen to music, especially when I’m focused on a project. This chill, cool down Spotify playlist that Nicole shared has been on repeat all week.
  • I shared a few healthier ice cream alternatives last month but this high protein banana froyo from Self Magazine has 10 grams of protein and just 3 ingredients!

southern charm savannah

  • Can we take a moment to talk about reality TV? Other than Top Chef, Bo nor I have ever watched reality tv. However, that is about to change with the premiere of Southern Charm Savannah. On Monday night our hometown will be the location of Bravo’s latest reality show. It’s crazy to think that one of the cast members was in our wedding and three others went to our high school. I’m sure it’ll be a dramatic, hot mess but I can’t wait to tune in for the drama and to see how they portray these people we know as well as our hometown. 
  • This healthy Mexican Shrimp Salad has recieved a lot of traffic on the blog this week, just in time for Cinco de Mayo! I think I may have to make it next week on one of our non Hello Fresh nights.
  • These colorful drawstring shorts seem like they’d be perfect for Summer and SO comfortable either as a cover-up at the beach or for weekend errands. I may have to order them since their forgiving fit and elastic waistband will allow me to enjoy them after giving birth.
  • I have a thing for stripes, especially if they happen to be navy or pink. This striped boatneck t-shirt is on sale for just $22 and will be the perfect addition to my Summer closet!
  • As you guys know, I’m currently dealing with a case of pregnancy mask or chloasma. When Julie shared this natural, brightening cleanser on her Friday Favorites last week, I decided to give it a try. Thanks to the magic of Amazon, the Amara Organics Vitamin C Cleanser arrived the next day and over the past week I’ve fallen in love with the light citrus scent and how fresh and clean my skin feels after I use it. It even removes my makeup and mascara, which is something I’ve had issues with when trying out different natural face washes.


  • There are a TON of great fitness events taking place in New York City next week including NYC Fit Week and National Fitness DayNYC FITWeek is an annual event that unites the local fitness community to pay it forward for education. Created by Emily Cook Harris, FITWeek has raised over $16,000 for education to date! During the week of MAY 8 – 13th, 25 fitness classes across NYC will support She’s the First (providing education scholarships and mentorships to girls in low-income countries) and (providing public school teachers with the basic supplies their students need to succeed).  I think I’m going to do my best to make it to the 7 AM rooftop Exhale workout at Refinery Hotel to kick off National Fitness Day on Thursday as well as the Friday evening NYC Fit Week Uplift Strength class.

workout pic

  • After receiving these Brooks Go-To Running Capris at their Fall Preview event last week, I’ve worn these fun, neon pink crops non-stop. They are stretchy enough to grow with my body, the wide waistband stays upduring workouts and the lightweight material is perfect for any workout, even the sweatiest Orangetheory class or last night’s Uplift Strength class.
  • While I won’t be enjoying a glass of rose wine until Baby Girl Diamond arrives, it’s not too early to stock up on some of these “best rose for your buck wines right?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and instead is a list of the things of my favorite things this week. As normal, it includes lots of beauty and fashion items which means there are a few affiliate links via ShopStyle. It takes time and money to maintain a blog so I thank you for the support and few cents that come from clicking through the links!

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