Welcome to the Time Warp

Hello, hello from New York City! 604

I’m in a weird time warp right now as jet lag hasn’t really hit me but I feel as if I’m repeating days since my Sunday was SUPER long due to the time change.

I left Verbier at 5am Sunday on the AlpyBus back to the Geneva Airport in order to catch a 9:15am flight to Amsterdam. The wakeup time was not easy as I didn’t sleep well Saturday night. Even though I was in bed by 11:30 and exhausted after a long day of skiing, sledging, wine, and fondue I woke up almost every hour fearful that I’d overslept. I slept the entire shuttle ride to the airport and had just enough time to check my baggage and grab some breakfast before boarding the flight.


I enjoyed a three hour layover in Amsterdam in the best way possible – soaking up the sun from their rooftop lounge area while reading a book and sipping a green juice. 594 590 I’ve fallen in love with kale, lemon, ginger, cucumber, mint and pineapple flavors lately and order this any chance I have at a juice bar! It is great to have a few favorite standby juice combinations which I know are reliable especially when traveling. There is nothing worse than paying an exorbitant amount for a juice and spit out the first sip after a flavor experiment.

The flight from Amsterdam to New York was another smooth, uneventful one as I spent half the time on my iPad either catching up on tv shows or reading and the rest of the time sleeping. Before I knew it we were landing at JFK! 597Upon landing and fighting through the cab line I spent the evening laughing and catching up with some of my good friends over a healthy and delicious dinner. Liz and Mike hosted four of us ladies in their home for a Sunday night dinner including lemon chicken, sauteed kale, quinoa, and plenty of wine.


By the time I left I felt like their dog Reemus – ready to sleep anywhere, even on the floor. I was completely exhausted by 10pm when I reached my hotel room as I’d been up for 22 hours!


This morning I cancelled my Barry’s Bootcamp workout in order to make sure that my body got the rest it needed before a busy week. It’s so easy to push myself, especially when I’m traveling. The last thing I want to do is get sick or make stupid decisions especially while trying to improve my health and iron levels. Instead I enjoyed a leisurely commute to the office with my co-worker, Ema. It’s been so fun to share with her some of my favorite New York City spots such as the small juice bar near our office or the salad bar at Toasties. While I love our salad bar in Geneva I miss the made to order chopped salads sometimes! Today I made a great combination including kale, walnuts, egg whites, green apples, mushrooms, chicken, celery, lemon, olive oil and balsamic!

615 Tonight I am going to catch up with another friend before crashing in bed. The time change is definitely starting to catch up with me and I want to be rested for a fun Soul+Cycle date tomorrow morning before a long day of meetings.

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Debate: My Company Doesn’t Pay for Hotel Gyms

Greetings from Rome!!

If you follow me on social media you may have seen pictures of the sights I visited last night with a gracious co-worker.


She not only guided us to the Trevi Fountain but also a delicious dinner spot which will receive a dedicated post because it was amazing and a local spot! Win, win in my book.


Today during lunch with some colleagues and media partners we started talking about travel routines. I mentioned that I do my best to keep a similar workout routine when traveling which sometimes includes running outside in new cities, hotel gyms or if a else fails, hotel room workouts.

Two women stated that they didn’t want to workout at the hotel gym as it’s 25 euros and their company won’t cover the cost. As our hotel isn’t situated in a well lit or pedestrian friendly area running or walking outside is also difficult. I couldn’t help but challenge their company’s policy to not cover gym costs during travel.

Now, I know that I am blessed to work for an incredible company which often puts the employees first. But, when merely looking at the economics of this policy I believe that we as people who do not want to sacrifice health during business travel have a strong debate or point to make. Why can’t we choose how to spend our travel budget allocation?

When entertaining clients or at a company dinner, would your company pay for you to have a few cocktails or appetizer with dinner? Would your company pay for internet in order for you to do work in your hotel room? Would they pay the baggage few to check a bag?

If the answers to any of the above are yes, then shouldn’t they be willing to pay for you to use a hotel gym if they choose a hotel or conference facility which charges? Aren’t you more focused during the day if you feel good? Aren’t you more energized after a workout?

I’m not trying to be controversial here or make people question their company. I’m just opening the floor up for debate and input because I’m genuinely curious.

I’d love your input or thoughts based on your experience with your company or others!

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Morning Run in San Francisco

Greetings from another new city – San Francisco! After a day filled with meetings and a very interesting flight down via Alaska Air.The below picture of my oh so lovely dinner is a perfect example of just how luxurious business travel is – not. Our terminal had only two dinner options: Burger King or a small bagel cafe.

IMG_9237 IMG_9239 

I crashed in bed at 9:30pm and didn’t budge until 6:30am. Needless to say I was beyond exhausted. When I woke up this morning I definitely felt like I was on West Coast time but wasn’t fully rested. In fact, even though I had the morning to go through emails and complete multiple conference calls, all I wanted to do was go back to bed. Luckily, Theodora was my accountability buddy and convinced me that a quick run outside would make me feel better. I ended up running 4 miles along the Embarcadero at a faster than normal pace. I may or may not have seen a 7 in front of one of the miles. Okay, yes that mile was downhill for half of it but still. I’m not sure where the energy came from but I hope I can bottle it for Saturday. These pictures are also proof that I’m getting better at running and taking pictures simultaneously because the only one that was taken standing still is the one of my feet.

IMG_9248 IMG_9249 IMG_9250 IMG_9255 IMG_9258 IMG_9259 

Now I’m spending the rest of my day in business lunches, meetings and a dinner with the customer. Am I rested? Nope. Do I feel 100 times better after this run and fresh air? You bet!

I hope you guys have a great Thursday and if you’re in the Southeast United States I hope you’re staying safe from the first tropical storm of the season.

What’s your favorite running city?

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