Four Girls, Two Husbands, and a Truck

Yeah, that’s how we do things in Georgia!

All joking aside, yesterday was a great day! We were all reunited yesterday for lunch and then an afternoon of shopping and catching up. Due to inclement weather warnings, we left memories of the pool behind for some retail therapy. The focus was on friendship and catching up versus shopping but we still found some good deals. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Victoria Secret’s 5 for $25 sale were pretty much the only deals we found. I found two colorful Nike Tempo shorts for $17.90 each which is $10 less than normal. Nike 'Tempo' Track Shorts

Do new workout clothes make your workouts easier and more fun?

After shopping it was time to get wedding ready. As background, we all lived in the sorority house together during college so sharing a bathroom is something that is second nature for each of us. The new additions, Meghan and Rochelle’s husbands, got quite a kick out of the site.

   Blog Pictures 2010 674  Blog Pictures 2010 672

Blog Pictures 2010 676

Some of my best memories in college are getting ready with these ladies! Do you miss roommates if you had them in college? I miss free fashion advice and hair stylists.

And we’re off! Four girls, two boys, and one F250 extended cab!

Blog Pictures 2010 678 Blog Pictures 2010 677

I’m not going to lie. I think all four of us were surprised by the F-250’s space. We were tight but comfortable and our dresses arrived unwrinkled! Thanks Jason for driving!!

Blog Pictures 2010 679

Brad and Alison were married in her home church, Gainesville First United Methodist Church. The wedding was lovely and the bridesmaids dresses were a gorgeous navy blue which blended with the pink peonies beautifully. Alison is an interior designer and you could see her touches throughout the wedding and reception. You could feel their love for each other throughout the entire ceremony as they smiled ear to ear. Weddings make me so happy as I feel they are the start of a new chapter in life for the couple.

The reception was held at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center which was the perfect venue. Blog Pictures 2010 680It was small enough that everyone could watch the bride and groom throughout the evening but had enough nearby hallways and open space that people could breathe and hear each other talk.

Blog Pictures 2010 696

The decorations were simple yet elegant floral centerpieces while the art work provided most of the atmosphere and decoration. People really enjoyed exploring Quinlan and its’ art.

The happy bride and groom!

Blog Pictures 2010 683

Blog Pictures 2010 686 

The grooms cake was definitely something to talk about!

Blog Pictures 2010 691 Yes, that is a Krispy Kreme donut tower drizzled with milk chocolate!

The wedding cake was a light lemon cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting. Her bouquet made a gorgeous cake topper!

Blog Pictures 2010 690

Best friend for seven years and counting! I’m so glad that we’ve been able to keep in touch and see each other at least once per year since college. Every time we’re together it is as if no time has passed!

Blog Pictures 2010 694

 Blog Pictures 2010 693 The rest of the evening was spent dancing, laughing, and of course checking out the food. Similar to my wedding, the food was heavy appetizers with a southern influence.

Sweet and Savory mix of grits and mango catfish

Blog Pictures 2010 692 Corn cakes, brisket, and black bean salsa stationBlog Pictures 2010 689  I’m so happy I was able to catch up with my girlfriends this weekend to celebrate Brad and Alison’s wedding! Blog Pictures 2010 681       Best wishes and have fun in St. John!

Blog Pictures 2010 699

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College Reunion Weekend Begins

As I discussed in my earlier post, today begins our annual college reunion weekend. Since graduation, at least one of my six close sorority sisters has celebrated a marriage. This year it’s Alison’s turn! Tomorrow she and Brad are getting married in Gainesville tomorrow. Before the celebration could begin I had to make it down to Atlanta.


I say this often, but when I’m traveling I can never thank Au Bon Pain enough for their mere existence. This is a blessing everytime I fly out of LaGuardia. Today’s lunch was a cup of fresh, delicious grapes and a Greek salad. It was filling and hit the spot. I was actually surprised at the amount of chicken on the salad and it’s staying power.

Blog Pictures 2010 650

I ran into a high school friend who was also on the same flight so we were able to pass time quickly by catching up and laughing about our surroundings and adventure as we were both flying Spirit Airlines for the first time today.

Blog Pictures 2010 652 Blog Pictures 2010 651

Now that I have safely completed my travel on Spirit Airlines here are my thoughts.


    The service was VERY friendly.

  2. You get what you pay for. The fare was over $100 cheaper than any other airline when I booked it.
  3. Keep in mind that with this cheap fare comes some changes. There are no headphones, radio stations, free Biscoff cookies, or even free drinks. Purchase snacks ahead of time!
  4. Pay the $10-$20 for an upgrade. This provides you with a first class style space and comfort experience. Instead of being 3 across a row we were only 2 across.
  5. Would I fly Spirit again? Yes, if I am going a short distance or there is a significant value difference I would fly them again.

After a quick flight down to Atlanta, by way of Myrtle Beach, I was greeted by this friendly sign.

Blog Pictures 2010 653 Blog Pictures 2010 654

Delta really does know how to welcome folks to Atlanta!

I quickly looked for MARTA signs as I was taking this up to Lenox to meet Meghan due to Atlanta traffic. Success!

Blog Pictures 2010 655

Blog Pictures 2010 656 

Forty five quick minutes later I was reunited with this pretty lady!

Blog Pictures 2010 668

Some things never change. Meghan, Meghan’s husband Ryan, and I have spent the entire night talking, laughing, and catching up. Since my stomach was growling and my lunch had long since worn off, I was elated when Ryan suggested Taqueria del Sol. Be still my heart! With three convenient locations in Atlanta and one in Athens, this is basically a delicious, fresh, fast food Mexican restaurant that also has a knack for margaritas. Their menu is simple in options but divinely


Blog Pictures 2010 664

complex based on ingredients. Everything is creative and puts a new spin on your basic mexican. Per Ryan and Meghan’s suggestions, I went with two soft tacos tonight along with our chips and salsa appetizer.

Blog Pictures 2010 665

The trio of salsas featured a regular, smoky chipolte, and tomatillo. I could live on fresh tortilla chips, salsa, and Corona Light.

Blog Pictures 2010 667 Blog Pictures 2010 666

Messy and delicious! I chose the Memphis and Carnita. The Memphis, the top picture, features chopped smoked pork with a spicy cole slaw and tequila bbq sauce. I loved the bbq flavors. The Carnita, was more traditional in its pork, salsa, and cilantro exploding inside.

This was the perfect casual dinner for an evening of catching up after a long week. Thanks Ryan and Meghan for being great hosts! Now it’s off to bed so I can attempt a hilly 6 or 7 miler around the Lenox area tomorrow morning. I hope it stays cool!

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I am so excited it’s Friday!! In less than 12 hours I’ll be reunited with my college roommate whom I haven’t seen since our wedding! (senior year picture with the bulldog in Athens, GA)

This weekend our friend Alison is getting married in Gainesville and it’s definitely turned into a mini reunion weekend. That’s the best thing about weddings! You get to see all your great friends and dance the night away together.


Before packing this morning I did a five mile tempo run. Here are the stats:

1 mile warmup 6.0 mph

3 miles at 6.2-6.3

1 mile cool down at 6.0 mph

It felt really good and I’m excited that I’ve been able to run 17 miles so far this week pain free!


This morning’s breakfast was delicious and filling as I was starving by 8:30!

Blog Pictures 2010 648 Blog Pictures 2010 649

This bowl was more fun than normal. I spiced it up with some added ingredients.

1 nectarine (1 pt)

1/4 c Fage 0% (.5 pt)

2 Tbsp flax seed (2 pt)

Weight Watchers Vanilla Almond Oats (2 pt)

Holy yum! I forgot how much I love nectarines. What are your favorite summer oatmeal additions?

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