Savoring the Perfect Runs

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You know those confidence building, smile inducing runs that remind you why you enjoy the act of running so much? As runners, we lace up our shoes not knowing what the miles will bring. Regardless the preparatory measures we take like resting our legs, stretching, foam rolling and getting sleep – sometimes the result is far from perfect. But, those runs that include lots of smiles, flowing conversation with a running buddy and smiles are the ones we savor.

Luckily, for an hour and a half yesterday, I was able to experience one of those near perfect runs.

Originally, Ashley and I were going to run on Friday but we thought the sunshine and warmer temperatures in Saturday’s forecast seemed more appealing than snow, below 30 degree temperatures and wind gusts that greeted us when we each woke up Friday morning. The text message chain that takes place between running partners is hilarious ranging from “but I planned my week around this run” to “won’t the wind and cold just make me stronger.”  Luckily, Ashley’s argument that sunshine would be far more enjoyable won and we met yesterday on the Upper East Side at 9:15 ready for a great run.

Before leaving the house I made a pre-run breakfast of coffee, NUUN and peanut butter banana toast using Ezekiel bread, which Kristine introduced me to a few weeks ago.


Our goal for the run was to keep around a 9:10 pace since I’ll need to keep under a 9:09 during the NYC Half if I want to break 1:59:59. Since the first six miles of the NYC Half are in Central Park we figured there was no better place to run than the park. Harlem Hill, Cat Hill and the rolling West Side hills were the perfect way to test my legs and see if Prospect Park, Mile High and Barry’s Bootcamp hill training has worked.

long run map elevation

As you can see from our path, we did one loop of Central Park before heading towards the reservoir for a loop and half and finally coming South back towards the Met before finally ending at Butterfield Market. The first few miles flew by even as we continued talking while our legs pushed up Harlem Hills undulating twists and turns. After starting out a bit too fast, we pulled back the pace and settled into goal race pace. The weather was perfectly cool and crisp, the park was filled with runners and we were so busy talking that we both forgot to take fuel.

run buddy

Wearing: Vest Turtleneck Fleece TightsShoes Favorite UGA hat 

I love having an end goal in mind during long runs whether it’s a post run bagel, brunch date or smoothie. Knowing that we had delicious smoothies waiting for us when we finished was the extra boost I needed to find a kick in my step for the final half mile.
bloomfield market smoothies
I woke up this morning feeling the after effects of the hills, pace and run in my hips and IT band – a perfect reminder that today should be all about foam rolling, gentle yoga and rest. Luckily, I am two episodes into Season 1 of House of Cards so there is nothing I’d rather do after church than relax with a few more episodes.

Hope you guys are having great runs, workouts or weekend fun!


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Happy Monday you guys!



In order to help make this Monday a bit better, I’m sharing the winner of the Timex Ironman GPS+ giveaway at the end of this post. That ensures that at least one person ends this day feeling like it’s Christmas in September! Speaking of which, there are 16 Fridays until Christmas but that is a topic for a whole different post. OMG.

Instead of dwelling on that let’s talk the upcoming running fun and last week’s workouts.

I’m so excited that Reach the Beach week has finally arrived! Wednesday evening I’m heading up to Boston with Team New Balance for a tour of the New Balance headquarters followed by the 200 mile relay race through New Hampshire on Friday and Saturday! It’s going to be a great weekend with lots of new friends but man oh man is there a lot of work to do between now and Wednesday at 6pm when my out of office goes up.

Last week’s training wasn’t perfect but I know that with all the running I’ll do this week, it was the perfect week to play it smart. I felt a slight twinge in my left hip Friday afternoon which caused me to skip this week’s tempo run in favor of a yoga class. Luckily foam rolling, ice and a little bit of rest left it feeling better.

Just a reminder, my goal is to do one yoga class and two strength workouts in addition to my weekly runs while also allowing for at least one recovery day.

September 7-13th, 2015 Training Recap

Monday:  I felt every ounce of beer that I drank during the holiday weekend as I completed my “easy” 3 mile run which never felt easy. But, after procrastinating all day, I was proud that I finally went out for a run at 5 pm.

Tuesday: The 60 minute Bar Method class was a killer as it combined pretzel with chair at the barre but after just three classes I can feel myself becoming accustomed to the moves and getting into the poses with more precision. We did three sets of push-ups and I was able to do 42 of the 60 on my hands and feet which definitely gives me something to work towards! If anyone wants to join me for a Bar Method Brooklyn class this month, let me know! I’m loving it so far!

Wednesday:  I’m still trying to figure out the best mid-distance route in our neighborhood but the 5 mile route ended we put together for this easy run was perfect. We ran down towards the waterfront and did three miles down there before running back towards home. I’m definitely making sure that I allow five minutes before and after my run for dynamic stretches and foam rolling.

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Thursday: Scheduling workout dates is the best way to ensure that I don’t push snooze on my morning alarm and get my workout done. I had the pleasure of sweating through a 6:30 AM Uplift Sculpt Fusion class with Theodora, Ashley, Evann, and Jess.

Friday: Due to our weekend schedule, Bo and I knew that getting our long run done on Friday was the best option. We woke up at 4:15 AM in order to squeeze in 11 miles before work. The 11 mile run included two bridges and plenty of hills, perfect training for New Hampshire’s many hills during this weekend’s Reach the Beach relay.

Saturday: Before an afternoon of wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, I headed to Bar Method for my first Saturday morning class. I didn’t love how crowded the class was but Katie did a great job still ensuring that she gave everyone personal adjustments. Even in the crowded class she gave me helpful adjustments for my left hip twinge and helped me get deeper into the stretches at the end.

Sunday: I was supposed to do a tempo run Sunday morning but played it smart and went to the complimentary Lululemon yoga instead. I love the weekly yoga offered at Smith Street Lululemon each Sunday at 9 AM and even brought two friends and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law this week!  The 60 minute class included lots of standing poses but it helped provide us with some zen before another day of dress shopping.

Your turn: If you’ve run a relay race, what tips would you give me and my team before we pack for the weekend?

The giveaway winner is Jennifer Apfel! Congratulations! Please email me with your contact information.   

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A Great NYC Summer Run

You know those runs that go exactly as planned? Everything clicks and you feel as if you could run forever? Luckily, that is what Bo and I enjoyed yesterday morning.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that we enjoyed a strong, fast run yesterday. Unlike week’s past, we set ourselves up for success.

Friday night we cooked together, whipping up a delicious Frutti di Mare and spent a few hours watching Orange is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We both foam rolled and stretched before going to bed at 10pm. Yes, we went to bed on a Friday night at 10pm and it was glorious.


Even though our alarm clock went off at 6am, far earlier than either of us would like on a Saturday, we felt rested and refreshed. We sipped on some NUUN, coffee and had a few bites of bread and peanut butter before heading out the door 30 minutes later.


We chose to run early on Saturday for three reasons: avoid crowds, avoid heat and get it done before we headed out of town for the day.


We created a great path which allowed us to enjoy both the water views and breeze off the Hudson River as well as NYC’s Summer Streets. On three consecutive Saturdays, August 1st, 8th and 15th, NYC shuts down seven miles of streets so the public and tourists alike may bike, run, walk and play in the streets from 7am until 1pm.


It is AWESOME and includes five rest stops, outdoor yoga, bike tune-ups, a Vita Coco sponsored slip and slide, as well as music and lots of other great activities.


Yesterday morning’s run was such a blast. Since we were rested, the miles came far easier than last week’s long run. Our goal was to keep a 9:45-9:50 for the first seven miles and then drop the pace for the final mile. Due to rested legs, proper fueling and perfect weather we were able to finish the 8 miles at an 9:26 pace including the final mile at an 8:02 pace!


Hope you guys had a great weekend and remember, if your run doesn’t go well take a few minutes to think about how you can make it better next time! Our goal for the next few weeks is to make sure we are well rested for long runs!

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