CorePower Yoga New York City

Get excited New York City – CorePower Yoga is finally coming to Manhattan.  This May CorePower Yoga is opening the doors of it’s first New York City location at 70th and Broadway on the Upper West Side.


For years, I’ve heard friends and fellow bloggers rave about CorePower Yoga. With over 160 studios nationwide, it seemed like there was a studio in just about every metropolitan city except New York. Focused on helping students live their power, push beyond their boundaries and turn stress into sweat, CorePower Yoga is far more than your typical yoga studio.  Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to preview CorePower Yoga thanks to a lovely morning event hosted by CorePower Yoga and Well+Good NYC at Central Park’s Tavern on the Green.


Evann and I attended the 11 AM event together, during which we enjoyed a hybrid class, hosted by three dynamic and energetic women who are leading the opening of the NYC location. The hybrid class blended aspects of two of their class offerings,  Yoga Sculpt and Core Power Yoga 2, together in one 60-minute class.

Evann and Ashley CorePower YogaCan we take a minute to appreciate the sunlight that flowed through the space? Tavern on the Green’s atrium was the perfect venue for a morning flow as we were able to enjoy the blue skies and morning sun as we stretched and energized our bodies.  Even though it was freezing outside, it was warm and toasty on our mats.

Since this was my first time experiencing CorePower Yoga, one of the first things I noticed were the hand weights which they recommended we place on our mat. Unlike other studios, one of their signature classes, Yoga Sculpt, include light hand weights to intensify each yoga pose. In addition, throughout the flow weights are incorporated into strength-training moves such as squats, lunges and bicep curls.


Once we were all situated on our mats, the three instructors welcomed us, introduced us to CorePower Yoga and explained the flow of class. As you can see from this picture, they were on Cloud Nine, thrilled to finally be sharing CorePower Yoga and the news of their new studio with so many New York City yogis. Their positive energy set a great tone for class before we even started. I loved when they told us each to not take class too seriously – it’s only Saturday morning yoga.


After a few minutes of intention setting, we  started the flow with time in child’s pose, grounding ourselves, before quickly transitioning into the flow portion.  During the flow, which moved at a pace fast enough to induce a sweat but slow enough to ensure proper form, the instructors were hyper-focused on form and adjustments, which I always appreciate. They also created a supportive, inspiring environment for the students motivating us to do our best and be present in the moment.


After thirty minutes we regrouped and transitioned into the challenging but fun yoga sculpt portion of class. Unlike any yoga class I’ve taken before, this class mixed strength, cardio and flexibility into the practice. For example, in chair pose we would hold the pose and then begin doing arm exercises using the weights before flowing to the next move. I really enjoyed the use of weights and appreciated the added challenge EXCEPT for the transition points on the mat. This may have been that the lighter weights didn’t have enough space to be held properly while also allowing for wrist movement but I felt clumsy during plank and sun salutations.  The cardio bursts were also a fun change of pace, incorporating things like mountain climbers into the middle of a plank series, or burpees following a flow.



By the end of the class, I was exhausted but completely zen. My muscles were still shaking from the strength training and my tank top was sweaty from the cardio but I was standing taller and feeling lighter due to the yoga and positive vibes. Regardless of your level of practice, CorePower Yoga offers a class that is right for you. I appreciate that under one roof you can find sculpting, cardio and zen.

Core Power Yoga Ashley

Even though it is a trek from our apartment in Carroll Gardens, I will certainly be heading to the Upper West Side to enjoy classes once they open.

Interested to learn more about CorePower Yoga’s UWS location? Head over to their website to learn more about the studio and their limited time 25% off special.

Thank you to Turner PR, Well + Good NYC and CorePower Yoga for inviting me to a wonderful event. Photo credit: Barbara Corella, Evann Clingan and Well+Good NYC

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Surf & Yoga at Rockaway Beach

IMG_3317Happy Monday guys!

Even though I’m already in need of a second cup of coffee, I can’t stop smiling when I think about Saturday’s Surf & Yoga workshop at Rockaway Beach.  The four-hour workshop was an opportunity for me to try surfing, something that has always been far out of my comfort zone while enjoying time at the beach. As you guys know,  the beach and spending time on the water brings be a level of peace I can’t find anywhere else.

When we heard about Tangerine Hot Power Yoga’s Surf & Yoga workshop at Rockaway Beach, Katie, Elizabeth and I immediately signed up together, knowing we’d feel more comfortable and enjoy the day more with friends. We met at 8 AM to drive from Brooklyn, giving us plenty of time to find parking and relax on the boardwalk before the event started. The overcast and cool weather was a big change from the heat and humidity we experienced earlier last week but we still enjoyed being at the beach. In fact, the overcast weather made practicing yoga and surfing far easier as we weren’t looking into the sun nor fighting the crowds. Also, regardless the weather, any opportunity to spend a day at the beach is a gift.


We started the day with a 75-minute yoga class on the boardwalk. Gretchen, who led the class, did a wonderful job of ensuring we could hear her over the sound of the wind and crashing waves. Due to the smaller class size, she was able to provide adjustments throughout class as she woke up our bodies with a series of standing and seated poses which engaged our cores and legs. These are the body parts she wanted to ensure were limber and warm before our surfing lesson.


Following yoga, our 11-person group sipped Rawpothecary juices and spent a few minutes talking and writing about the way we work through change in our lives.  I loved this Lemon Oasis juice so much that I bought a few more this weekend at the grocery store. They have no added sugars and are the perfect size! They are different than other juices as Rawpothecary focuses on cold-pressed mixology, fiber-rich blends and backed by science!

Juice during Yoga+Surf workshop

We walked down the beach towards the Locals Surf School tents to sign-in and get equipped with wet suits.



Since the water was 75 degrees they recommended half suits for most of us versus full wetsuits. A few minutes later our group found ourselves standing behind our surf board and starting the land portion of the class. The 3-1 instructor to student ratio allowed the instructors to work with us on proper technique and form before we headed into the water.  They took us through the parts of the surfboard, safety tips, paddling efficiency and finally popping up. After about 20 minutes of land practice, we headed into the ocean.  I went into this experience very open-minded, acknowledging the fact that since this was my first time surfing, I may not actually catch a wave or be able to stand. Instead I set my intention on enjoying the experience and being proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone.

Surfing on Rockaway Beach

We spent the next 90-minutes in the water in groups of 3 working with our instructors. We were able to take turns paddling to the instructor, beyond the break,  and practicing our technique as we paddled into the wave and tried our best to pop-up at the right time and ride the wave into shore. T he first time I tried I found myself laughing and popping into ski position – fully parallel and facing the shore. While I found my balance, I finally fell face forward, into the water as I hit the shore. The second ride, just minutes later, was totally different. I popped up, a little too high, but felt that high of riding the wave. From that moment, I was addicted. I found myself racing back into the water after each ride, pushing through the waves and current to get back to the instructor and try again. During the hour and a half lesson I attempted to ride more than 40 waves and actually rode more than 20 of them. Katie and Elizabeth laughed in awe, as they took breaks on the shore to breathe and take pictures. Our instructor deemed me part Energizer Bunny and part masochist as I refused to stop, even when I was breathless from the waves.


Finally, at 1:15 it was time to call it a day and head into shore to give back my surf board and wet suit. I wore my Lululemon shorts during the surf lesson as my Athleta bathing suit bottoms are a bit loose. The last thing I wanted was to have my bikini bottom taken by a wave during the lesson.

Rockaway Surf Lesson

We immediately headed to Rockaway Beach Surf Club to enjoy their fish tacos, made famous by the chef during his time at the now closed Rockaway Taco. This lunch definitely lived up to the hype – especially the tacos and plantain chips. The cucumbers, jicama and papaya were a refreshing way to end the meal before we headed back home.

Rockaway Beach Surf Club
If you are a local, Tangerine is offering this surf & yoga workshop again on August 9th. The price for the entire day is $95 which is a $20 discount versus the face value of the activities.  Perfect for all abilities, I highly recommend signing up ASAP as the events fill quickly.



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Art of Yoga with Faith Hunter

Over the past three years I have focused on making yoga a regular part of my health and wellness routine. This focus has helped evolve my routine from something I dread, but include because I know it’s important, to something I crave each week.  I carve out at least 60-minutes in my schedule each week to spend time on my yoga mat either in a formal class or at home. While I most often practice yoga in studios, I’ve also had the opportunity to practice in unique spaces such as New York City rooftops and from the tallest building in London, the Shard.

Brooklyn Museum

Always excited to practice yoga in new ways, I joined my friends Melissa and Katie for yesterday’s Art of Yoga event at the Brooklyn Museum. The event, hosted by Flavorpill and Groupmuse, provided 300 yogis with the opportunity to spend 90 minutes flowing into the weekend surrounded by beautiful art, classical music and vibrant yoga mats.

Art of Yoga sign

Line for Art of Yoga

Manduka helped set the stage with a rainbow of color by providing colorful yoga mats while the gorgeous chandelier in the center of the Beaux-Arts Court and skylights provided a feeling of warmth, light and openness.

Yoga atrium

The instructor, Faith Hunter, is an inspirational and well-known yoga instructor who combines her warm personality and Southern roots with a relaxed and welcome yoga style. She did a great job making every single student feel welcome yesterday, regardless of their shape, size or ability. In order to make sure everyone gained the most from the practice, there were four of her friends walking around the room making adjustments during the class in addition to Faith who never stayed in one place for more than a minute.

Assisted Warrior 3

She led the group through a 75-minute yoga class including both heart warming and restorative poses before leading us through a 15-minute meditation and savasana. The most unique part of the event wasn’t the space, but the beautiful, classical music we flowed to during the class. Groupmuse provided a string trio for the event, which played an array of classical pieces which paired perfectly with the flow Faith led.

Flavorpill picture
Photo source

Katie, Melissa and I left the event feeling relaxed and restored, wishing a similar event took place on a monthly basis as it was a wonderful way to kick off a Spring Saturday and relax after a busy week.


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