Newborn Favorites

It is hard to believe that tomorrow we will celebrate Katie’s one month birthday. How the heck did that happen? By celebrate, I mean that I’ll enjoy a glass of my favorite chardonnay and we’ll give her extra cuddles and hopefully capture a few pictures of her.  When I scroll through pictures on my phone, it feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital, cuddling her while the photographer snapped these pictures. So much has transpired in the past month including plenty of health scares, dirty diapers, feeding challenges but, more than anything, our house has become filled with SO much love.

bw-10-Diamond_062117-10Whether it’s the instant bond that both sets of grandparents felt with Katie when they held her or the excitement we have each time we share moments with her whether reading, cuddling, feeding, playing or even changing diapers.

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Since I benefitted so much from the recommendations moms and readers provided to me when Bo and I were building our registry, I wanted to share the items that have made the first month with a newborn far easier. Some of these were already stocked in our home when we came home from the hospital, while others were purchased during a few of our more frantic Amazon orders or BuyBuyBaby trips.

Newborn Baby Favorite Items

Kissy Kissy KimonoUnfortunately, we quickly learned that dressing a newborn can be a tedious, painful task. Katie can’t stand when we try to squeeze her head through a small neck hole so she has spent many of her days in either a Kissy Kissy Kimono, Gerber Basics kimono or a few wonderful newborn outfits that have snaps along the neckline for easy access. This particular kimono is our favorite due to its soft feel and perfect fit.

Keekaroo Peanut Changing PadLuckily, multiple friends recommended this changing pad to us when we registered. It has been such a lifesaver as the surface wipes clean and Katie seems to like the soft surface. I can’t imagine having to wash a cover everytime she goes to the bathroom mid-diaper change or drools. 

Portable Diaper Changing PadOur keekaroo changing pad stays upstairs near her bassinet for convenient nap time changes but the rest of the time, we use this soft changing pad. We’ve thrown it in the diaper bag, used it on the back porch and typically keep it downstairs as part of our secondary changing station for daytime changes.

Aden+Anais Swaddle ClothsWe use these large, square muslin blankets multiple times a day! While we primarily use them to swaddle her when she sleeps, we also use them as burp cloths and keeping her warm. I would recommend sticking with this brand and making sure that you check the measurements as certain retailers sell different Aden+Anais lines which are smaller or not as soft.

Carter Baby Burp ClothsI remember looking at the pile of six burp cloths we received during the baby shower and rolling my eyes. I asked my mom if I should exchange some and she laughed and said no I should hope to receive plenty more. Now, a month in, I’ve already gone out and bought more. I swear that if I had my way we’d have a burp cloth in every corner of the house as I always find myself without one in arm’s reach. These are inexpensive, soft and large enough to capture all her spit-up and drool when we burp.

What to Expect: The First YearThis book has been loved a lot already, even in the first 30 days. We read the weekly section as she enters the new week in hopes of better understanding what we can generally expect as well as using the index to search hot topics like gas, fussiness, and jaundice. While we both realize that Katie and babies, in general, do not come with an instruction manual and can’t be predicted, this book has helped us become better educated and prepared parents.

Boppy and Boppy LoungerI have used the Boppy daily to help support my arm during nursing since I often use the cradle position to hold Katie. In addition, it helps elevate my arms so that she is closer to my breasts, making nursing easier and more comfortable. The Boppy Lounger is one of her favorite spots when we are relaxing together. I recently discovered that the slight incline makes her more comfortable and a bit happier during our daily outfit changes, which she previously wasn’t enjoying.

UPPAbaby Bassinet + Cruz StrollerStrollers are an item that we researched for weeks before making a decision since it’s an investment as well as an item that the entire family uses daily. For us, considering our Brooklyn location, it was important to find a lightweight, durable, spacious, easy to use yet small enough to navigate stores and subways. The basket on the stroller has plenty of room for groceries or anything else we need and the standing fold allows us to easily store it when we’re at home.  It easily fits through doorways, can manage our neighborhood grocery store’s narrow aisles, has a very large sunshade that keeps Katie protected on our walks, and at 30 pounds I haven’t had an issue taking it in and out of our brownstone on my own.  While the Cruz doesn’t come with the bassinet, we were able to find a family in the neighborhood who didn’t need the bassinet which came with their UPPABaby Vista. The bassinet has been wonderful as it easily attaches, with just one handle, to the stroller base and provides a comfortable space for Katie to sleep safely at home as well as explore when it’s attached to the stroller. We’ve taken her for long walks on a daily basis since she was just three days old and have found that she still prefers this over being in a car seat when we’re out in the stroller.

Dr. Brown’s Infant Baby BottlesSince we didn’t think we’d need to use bottles during the first few months of Katie’s life, we never registered for bottles. Therefore, when we urgently needed to start supplementing with formula, we headed to BuyBuyBaby to buy bottles. Many people recommended buying a few different types so we could figure out what type Katie preferred. While we were initially intimidated by Dr. Brown’s bottles due to their multiple parts and pieces, after just a few feeding sessions we could tell that Katie loved them. She latched easier, suffered from less gas and they were easier for us to hold. When we burp her, typically 1-2 times during feeding, the burps come up far faster than before.  While they have multiple parts, I have found that they aren’t that difficult to clean and I tend to do my best to clean them immediately after each feed while she’s sleeping. I’ve found that the Dr. Brown’s specific cleaning brush helps greatly though!

Your Turn: As we move into the second month, I’d love your recommendations for things you or your baby loved as they hit months 2, 3 and 4?

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Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

Today I am sharing a delicious, fast and healthy Strawberry Peanut Butter smoothie recipe with you guys that I whipped up this morning in between our morning feeding session and running errands.

As you may have seen, due to issues with with my milk supply, I have been trying to fit lots of lactation superfoods into my day, especially through my breakfasts and snacks. During Katie’s first week of birth, when my milk still hadn’t come in, I spent time researching which foods and spices could naturally help increase my milk supply. After conversations with my lactation consultant, pediatrician, fellow moms and of course a few Google inquirieres I found that oats were the most commonly mentioned item. Since then, I’ve enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast almost daily.

Today’s warm weather inspired me to enjoy oats in a different form – smoothie. This smoothie took just a few minutes to whip up and included items that I had in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. It is packed with nutrients but still brimming with a delicious flavor that would please everyone from a picky child to a breastfeeding mom.


Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

Serving: 1


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup milk (I used Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk)
  • 2 Tablespoons PB2 or 1 Tablespoon your favorite nut butter
  • 1 serving Vanilla Protein Powder (I used 2 scoops of Aloha Vanilla)
  • 1 Tablespoon ground flax seed meal
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • 1/2 teaspooon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional but recommended especially if you don’t use vanilla almond milk)


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  • Pour in bowl or glass and top with your choice of toppings which could include fresh sliced strawberries, granola or nothing at all.
  • Enjoy immediately with a spoon or straw!
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Friday Favorites–July 14th, 2017

After lots of baby posts, I wanted to use this week’s Friday Favorites post to change things up a bit, especially for those readers who have no interest in reading about newborn life. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard yet, it is that time of the year when so many people spend hours perusing the racks or website of Nordstrom. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has the reputation of being one of the year’s best sales and features the next seasons picks versus the leftovers. Right now only Nordstrom credit and debit card holders can shop the early access sale but those of us who don’t have cards can put together a wish list based on the items that are shared via Nordstrom’s Sneak Peak Page.


Below you can find the items that I either have and love or are currently lusting over and waiting to buy on July 21st when the sale opens to the public. You’ll find an assortment of items ranging from pajamas to makeup brushes. If you are looking for more detailed posts, especially featuring women’s fashion, here are my a few great posts I’ve seen thus far:

Here are my pics, without the stylised images as this nursing, pumping and baby cuddling momma doesn’t have time for that this week! Happy shopping and let me know what your top picks are, as unfortunately for my wallet, there is still time to add more to my wish list!



  • I love the Diptyque candles but due to their cost, I tend to only buy them a few times a year or add them to my birthday and Christmas wish lists. I love this miniature candle set as it includes some of their most popular scents such as Baies and the small sizes make these perfect for different spots in your home or gifting. I love to keep one in our living room and one on our bedside table for easy access when I want to relax and unwind.
  • One of my favorite candle brands, I always buy at least a few during this sale. My favorite scents include clean crisp for our bedroom and honeysuckle for the Summer months.
  • These personalized coasters and cheese boards make the perfect gift whether for a wedding, housewarming, birthday or hostess.


  • Bo swears by Supergoop sunscreen for his fair, sensitive skin. The water-resistant, easy to apply sunscreen features Vitamin C, wet and dry formulation as well as a better-for-you ingredient list versus many of the sunscreens on the market today. At 30% off this set of 3 is a great way to stock up for the Summer months.
  • I’ve been focused on better a better skincare routine for my skin especially as I dealt with pigment and texture changes during pregnancy. One of the most frequently recommended skin care items is this Clarisonic Mia. I used to have one that I loved and used daily, but lost it during our move back from Geneva. As soon as I saw it on the Anniverary Sale I added it to my wish list!
  • Don’t remember the last time you cleaned or replaced your makeup brushes? This MAC makeup brush set is less than $50 and valued at over $150 so this is a great time to replace your makeup brushes!


  • Perfect for Fall and Winter this cashmere and wool drape front sweater vest will pair perfectly with jeans and tall boots for weekends or black pants and heels for work.
  • These faux leather leggings have over 150 5-star reviews which is proof that everyone, regardless shape or size, seems to love them. Their forgiving nature will be appreciated by this new mom while the faux leather will allow me to feel just a little bit cool and edgy. I could pair them with the above drape sweater or a silk blouse, making them perfect for any occasion.
  • I’ve owned this North Face trench-style rain coat for three years and love the chic design while the performance fabric keeps me dry and cool. Unlike most rain coats, it is fitted so make sure to review the sizing before you order!
  • I’ve heard so much about the Zella Live In Leggings that I finally decided to buy two pairs – one pair of full length live in leggings and one pair of colorful, keep it cool cropped legging!
  • I have these Stuart Weitzman Over-the-Knee boots in leather but love the look of the suede boots, especially the black. If you’re in the market for an investment boot, at 35% off,  this is one of the best deals I’ve seen on this Stuart Wetizman classic.
  • I had to retire my favorite JCrew booties this year after four years and therefore decided that this sale is the perfect time to buy a new pair of booties for Fall. Historically I’ve owned black booties but after seeing so many friends wear and love these Rag & Bone booties and reading the reviews, I decided to add the lighter color to my wishlist.
  • I have used this Longchamp convertible tote for everything from weekend trips to errands during the past three years that I’ve owned it. The water-resistant tote easily doubles in size with a simple zip and is chic enough to go from airport to happy hour.
  • After seeing five different Nordstom Anniversary Sale posts include these Moonlight pajamas, I knew I had to add them to my wish list. Their soft, lightweight material makes them perfect for all seasons and the button down top allows me to wear them during my nightly nursing sessions.


  • We use these Aden+Anais Muslin Cloths for everything and anything including swaddling and burping. Even though we have six of them, I already feel like this is something we could use more of to keep at our grandparent’s house as well as in our diaper bags and the stroller! While you can find this brand at multiple retailers, including Walmart and Target, it seems that they each have a different quality. My friend swears that the Nordstrom-exclusive version is larger and softer than any others!
  • You’ve seen this diaper bag in multiple pictures already as Bo is obsessed with it and carries it everywhere! The perfect diaper bag for dad or for someone looking for a messenger style, it is equipped with everything from a changing pad to insulated area for botttles!

Your turn – What other items should I add to my list?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and instead is a list of the things of my favorite things this week. As normal, it includes lots of beauty and fashion items which means there are a few affiliate links via ShopStyle. It takes time and money to maintain a blog so I thank you for the support and few cents that come from clicking through the links!

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