Three questions Thursday, new pictures, and winner winner chicken dinner!

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Per Iowa Girl’s tradition , it’s 3 Questions Thursday so here goes. 

  1. What’s your favorite season?  I absolutely love summer. I think it has to do with the fact that it is light for hours so you can enjoy the day more and be more productive. In addition, I live in cute summer dresses and my rainbows though i’m currently searching for a more “NYC appropriate” pair of sandals. If anyone has suggestions please send them my way. I am looking for two- one for the commute/long walks in the city and the other are just for evenings out in the city. 
  2. What was your favorite television show growing up? My family would laugh so hard if they knew I was telling you this but I used to be OBSESSED with Rescue 911. I don’t know if anyone else remembers it but I think it was on around 8pm on Tuesday nights. (I have a really scary memory folks- ask Bo). I would make my family watch this show religiously and since we only had one tv when I was growing up everyone had the joy of hearing “Rescue 911 what’s the cause of your emergency” 
  3. Where/how do you want to retire? I want to retire and enjoy life. My goal is to do all the things that take too much time for me to currently enjoy. For example, I have the opportunity to play golf 3-4x per year right now which is far to little to actually hone my skills. My aunt has epitomized what I hope my retirement to be like. She is more active now than ever before, enjoys countless hours of cooking, entertaining, and laughing over great wine and activity. 

Yesterday was fabulous for many reasons some of which were the GORGEOUS weather we enjoyed in NYC, the breeze our apartment gets when I have all the windows open, our wonderful dinner which I’ll discuss later in the post, and OUR SOFA AND CHAIR ARRIVED! Seriously guys, I was jumping up and down when the front desk called to let me know they were escorting the van guys up with our furniture. The color turned out perfectly and now they are screaming to be adorned with a comfy throw and some vibrant pillows . I’m currently lusting over a few at Pottery Barn and think i’ll have to put our two 10% Welcome to the Neighborhood coupons to good use this weekend! Last night when Bo got home he graced the empty wall space with two more paintings. This nook is really starting to feel like a home. We can’t figure out what to do with the bare wall space above the chair. If you have any suggestions please send them our way. As for the corner between the chair and sofa, we’ve decided on this gorgeous piece and actually found the wall accessory that holds wine bottles and glasses on Craigslist last night! Bo is picking them up this afternoon in Chelsea for $100!! I love saving some money whenever possible!

Last but not least, as promised from the title, I have a winner, winner chicken dinner recipe! My local grocery store had their organic, kosher whole roaster chickens on sale this week and therefore knew that nothing would be easier and more delicious than a whole roasted chicken complete with fresh lemon, garlic, and herbs! This really could not be any easier though for some reason I think a lot of people are intimidated by whole roasters. Follow these easy steps below and I guarantee you’ll be enjoying moist, delicious chicken for at least two days!

Easy Roasted Chicken with lemon, herbs, and garlic

1 small roaster (2-4 lbs)
1 clove garlic
2 large lemons cut in half
Fresh or dried herbs of your choice (I recommend thyme and rosemary) or Herbs de Provence
Olive Oil or Olive Oil Pam
Roasting Pan 


Preheat oven to 425°.
Remove and discard giblets and neck from chicken. Trim excess fat. Thoroughly rinse the chicken inside and out then dry completely.  Place chicken in roasting pan spray the inside and outside with Olive Oil spray or rub with Olive Oil. Salt and pepper inside cavity and outside thoroughly.  Place lemon quarters inside chicken cavity. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon thyme to chicken cavity. Squeeze one lemon half inside the cavity and then place in the cavity. Place four-five   peeled garlic pieces in cavity then sprinkle herbs or place fresh herbs (on twigs and all) inside cavity. Place other lemon half at the end to “close” cavity.
Squeeze other lemon all over outside of chicken and place lemon pieces in roasting pan. Sprinkle Herbs de Provence and/or dried herbs/fresh herbs on the outside skin of the chicken. Bake at 425° for 40 minutes then check for doneness using a meat thermometer. You want it to register at 160-165. Depending on your oven this could take up to an hour and a half. Transfer chicken to a cutting board; cover with foil, and let stand 5-10 minutes before carving.
Remove skin (if desired) and lemon slices/garlic/herb stuffing from chicken cavity, discard. Carve chicken, and arrange on a serving platter. Garnish with lemon slices and thyme. 
Enjoy!! We served this with a salad and roasted zucchini/squash that we put in the oven during the last 30 minutes! 

Sara is giving away some fabulous hummus so check her out here 

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Eat Whatever

Today I had the awesome opportunity to meet Jacqui Rosshandler of EatWhatever. Not only was she gorgeous, sweet, and vivacious but she also has a passion for her product and company. Jacqui came up with the product a few years ago after realizing that she couldn’t handle her garlic breath any longer! Her husband loved to cook with garlic but your average breath mint or toothpaste could rid her of the smells. She decided that the product needed to work from the inside out. That is what makes Eat Whatever different. There are two steps that lead you to kissable, fresh breaths! First, you swallow two gel caps with water. Then, you suck on a small mint. The gel cap works from the inside out and dispenses all natural peppermint oil throughout your system. In addition, both the gel cap and mint are sugar free, natural, kosher, and vegan which means almost anyone can enjoy them! Jacqui insisted that if I enjoyed a mint after our lunch I would enjoy minty fresh breath until my next meal, even if it was six or more hours. I was very weary of her promise as our the catered lunch consisted of greasy, pesto, and garlic filled sandwiches from ‘Witchcraft. Imagine my surprise when SIX hours later my breath was still fresh and cool? I think i’m addicted! Here is a quick run down of the pros and cons:

Pro: Sugar free, really work, last for at least a few hours, cool packaging, local company, female owned
Cons: Not carried widely yet and therefore you can buy them online ( or in various NYC locations such as Rickys, Amish Markets, etc.

If you are interested in reviewing these or trying them leave me a comment as I should be getting some samples, tshirts, and more this week and would love to help Jacqui and her team spread the word!

Oh yeah, I finally gave in and joined Twitter. We’ll see how long this keeps up as i’m not really sure about it. But, you can follow me at healthyhappier!!
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Congrats to the winners!

I’ve been in the car for over 7 hours today and am absolutely exhausted. All I want to do is curl up with Bo on the couch, eat leftovers, and laugh. Oh wait, we don’t have a couch until Thursday. Guess i’ll make like inhertummy and curl up on the floor! 🙂

But, I wanted to send a warm congratulations to the winners and request that they email me their information at aerudolphatgmaildotcom.

#11 RuntoFinish and #21 Cecelia!!


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